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[2008] Formal offer for Hleb

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Vincenzo Morabito, the agent of Arsenal midfielder and Belarusian international Aleksandr Hleb (27), has said in an interview with Italian radio station Teleradiostereo that Barcelona has submitted to Arsenal an important bid for the player: "There is a formal offer of Barcelona for Hleb. Barcelona likes the player a lot and already made a first approach back in February."

The agent suggests that Barcelona is leading the race for the player: "In Italy, Inter is the club who wants him the most, which proves the value of a player like Hleb. He is not always recognized like other players but he has a very important role in the team. If Inter wants the player, they will nevertheless have to speed up, cause at this moment Barcelona has a serious advantage."

Hleb has a contract with Arsenal until 2010 and it is expected that he could leave for a transfer price of around 15 million euro°.

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that the agents of Hleb will start talking with Arsenal about the player's future in the coming days. Barcelona could know by the end of the week if Arsenal is willing to sell the player and to accept Barcelona's offer for Hleb, who could become the first signing for the new season.

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one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

° 15 million euro =
24 million us dollar
12 million british pound

Vin49 said...

Seriously!! As Ronaldinho is set to leave, goals has to comes from both the forwards and the midfield. Hleb only scored two in the Premiership so what makes them think that he would do better in a league where even Henry struggles? They should get young talent like Erick Flores and Coutinho (spelling?), convert Dos Santos or Assulin to an advance midfeild player, or get a true playmaker/goalscoring milfielder.

Anything other than getting a man who would not bring something new to the team!!

groga said...

He could replace Deco but that does not solve the scoring problem.

Anonymous said...

great player. would be an asset.
van der vaert scores more goals but that is in germany and he plays as secons attacker. I prefer Hleb. Deco doesn't score that much too. Eto'o and messi will score the goals next year

vin49 said...

Deco not scoring become a problem when Ronaldinho got injury. With him gone, a change has to be made in the kind of player behind the front three if there isn't to be another great goal scorer with Eto'o (who may leave) and Messi (who Chelsea could only dream of having). I don't know how much of Hleb you've seen, admittedly, despite being in the UK, I have not seen that much. But, based on what I've seen, Barca could do a lot better....and needs to in order to complete with Madrid for the whole of next season.

Great result today though!! Shame that it has taken so long to find that form once again.

Nickr said...

Hleb is a no, i believe we're lookin for someone who can be what ronaldinho is, no one, but anyways Hleb doesnt deserve to be the replacement for some of our subs. I prefer Deco over hleb as well as van der vaart but why not keep Deco, he's found a good form here with us.

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