Sunday, 3 May 2009

Talks with Manchester City on Toure transfer

British tabloid News of the World claims that Manchester City wants to sign Barcelona defensive midfielder and Ivorian international Yaya Touré (25) during the summer transfer window.

Touré would have been the subject of discussions when top officials of the English Premier League club and Barcelona met in Spain earlier this week (read more here). The transfer fee that is being discussed would be 28 million euro°.

A Spanish source is quoted as saying that Touré could be open for offers at the end of the season: "City made a move for Toure in January but the player wanted to stay. But he is now willing to consider a move to City."

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Knives Out said...

Yes right, and Madrid will win a trebble this season.

HouseMD said...

News of the world?! LOL

I must admit 28M sounds great, but NO thanks.

pep said...

28 million euro =

37 million us dollar
25 million british pound

jordy said...

I don't understadn these rumours, toure is simply great

Anonymous said...

fuck of city u wankers go buy someone else like ronaldo

Albert said...

no way

rahul said...

trying their best to destabilize players before teh chelsea game. damn these eng r such fucking tards. they nt only poach, cheat, dive, play negative football they also now trying new ways to unsettle players before imp. matches.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

News of the World is the least credible newspaper in the UK lol. They fantasise about the players Man City and English clubs wish they could have lol

Anonymous said...

If we got mascherano, would you let him go?

Kxevin said...

No. Not for Mascherano, not for anyone, up to and including Essien.

Yaya fits our system better than any of those players, I think.

AZEEZ said...

we dont want to miss toure.look for another source

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