Thursday, 7 May 2009

CL 1/2, 2nd leg: Chelsea-Barcelona 1-1


Abidal (65)

Busquets (85 Bojan)

Eto'o (97 Sylvinho)
Iniesta (94 Gudjohnsen)

9 Essien 1-0
93 Iniesta 1-1


yellow cards


out of match squad
Víctor Sánchez





Leo10 said...

Pep, could you please do your best in trying to find some information as to whether barcelona will appeal Abidals red card?

Messi108 said...

After so much controversy ??
I Dont think so ...
It would be madness to raise the issue again.

pep said...

I don't think they will appeal, leo10, and if they do it won't change anything because appeals are only accepted by Uefa if there was an identity mistake, which was not the case here.

hieifcb said...

Barca!!! whooo!!!
look at Drogba! hahaha xD

Carrer de Corsega said...

I mentioned that identity mistake earlier, too, but I just read something new. The whole ID mistake case was blurbed out by UEFA's Head of Communications, Rob Faulkner, about Fletcher. You know these press secretaries have no deliberation power and are just talking heads.

The Sun is reporting now that UEFA General Secretary, David Taylor, "shared a car with Ferguson" after the match and they talked about it. It sounds a little fishy, to say the least! This is what he said though, "Strictly speaking there is no appeal process but representation can be made. If the club want to write to us with information — such as video evidence — explaining why they think this is a harsh punishment then they can do that. The likelihood is we’d refer it to our disciplinary body. They would then look to see if there were any special circumstances to justify any departure from established procedures."

Well, if they review Fletcher's case, there is no reason to block an appeal for Abidal's red card. Trying won't hurt.

Carrer de Corsega said...

Oh just a couple of things I forgot to mention:

Messi108, Barcelona shouldn't give a damn about raising controversy because it might hurt someone's feelings. What is important is that this equip has reached the CL final and during the process they have been stretched thin in the backline. We should take anything that helps the team, regardless.

And another thing is that I find it odd that UEFA is asking for video evidence from the clubs. I just got the oddly funny image that an evil corporation, who doesn't let their game highlights to be put up on youtube for free because they want to charge people, is asking for VHS tapes from the clubs!

pep said...

The latter is probably an argument to think that The Sun made things up... Or they could refer to images captured by cameras of television channels allowed to make their own images.

I sure don't hear anything about an appeal. On the official website they seem to accept that the Alves and Abidal won't be there in the final. The Messi case (game against Bayern) showed that there's probably not much hope for an appeal to be accepted.

Anonymous said...

The red for Abidal WAS mistaken identity! The red card should have been for Anelka because he dived!

pep said...

Well, you have a point there...

Anonymous said...

Thats true but can FC Barcelona actually appeal for that? I hear that Manchester United will appeal their red card.

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