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[2008] Drogba could bring more strength up front

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Chelsea forward and Ivory Coast international Didier Drogba (30) is high on the wish list of Barcelona. Drogba could be the alternative for Olympique Lyon forward Karim Benzema, who is the first choice but who will probably not yet leave his club in the summer (read more here).

Barcelona sports director Txiki Begirsitain would like to bring in a tall and strong striker who can play with his back to the opposite goal and who is good with the head. Despite his age, Drogba seems in an excellent form and Barcelona is looking to bring in players who can immediately add something to the team. The transfer could be paid with the sum that will be received by selling Ronaldinho, Henry and/or Eto'o.

The player has in the past declared that he would like to leave England in the coming transfer window. British newspaper The Observer claims that Drogba has told friends that he believes he will be permitted to join another club and has allowed some of his feelings for current manager Avram Grant to become clear. AC Milan would at this moment be leading the race for the Ivorian striker.

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one year ago, readers said...

groga said...

I think it will depend on Mourinho, if he comes we could probably push for Drogba. Although i think Milan needs him more

Nickr said...

I really wish Drogba was younger, but he's very good and if they get him, then they get him if they don't, then they don't no big deal

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have Adriano for the target man option. Adriano's age is much more desirable (26-27), and I think he's got more overall quality than Drogba.

Nickr said...

I agree with you anonymous! Adriano is better and younger than Drogba, but I also thought Henry would be an All Star here and that didnt exactly happen, he was some games and other games you'd barely even notice he was on the pitch.

Anonymous said...

Adriano is much more forceful than Henry. Henry waits for things to be delivered on a platter, whereas a player like Adriano will go and get it.

The main issue with Adriano is off the pitch. I don't know if Barcelona would be positive. I think he could be unbelievable in the Premiership.

However, I'd like to take a chance on him because he is just an unreal talent. We could easily get him in a swap deal with Inter.

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