Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Barcelona players spend the day in the hotel

All Barcelona players are spending the day at the Bentley hotel in London, near to Hyde Park. They will leave for Chelsea's Stamford Bridge stadium approximately one hour before the start of the game.

The players woke up at 10 am local time and had breakfast. Former Barcelona player Marc Crosas (Celtic Glasgow) and former Barcelona youth player Fran Mérida (Arsenal) visited the squad in the hotel this morning. After the lunch at 1:30 pm, the players will rest in the afternoon. Before going to the stadium, there will be a last technical talk by Guardiola in the hotel.


noubarca said...

Assasins in London

Manolo said...

Yep, how do Fran Merida even dare to show his face infront of Barça players and members?
I spit on these traitors..

I think Marc woud love to come back to Camp nou though. He have a blaugrana heart and will always have.

He's way much better than Sánchez

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