Monday, 4 May 2009

Bayern Munich opens the door for Ribery

Asked about the rumours linking Werder Bremen player Diego with a move to his club, Bayern Munich general manager Uli Hoeness has suggested in an interview with German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung that Bayern Munich attacker and French international Franck Ribéry (26) could be on his way out:

"Diego is only an option for us if Ribéry would actually leave." Unconfirmedly adding: "Our intention is then to sign Diego. He has the talent and the ability needed to replace Ribéry, if the latter in the end decides to move to Spain. I have heard that both Barcelona and Real Madrid want him."

British tabloid The Daily Telegraph meanwhile claims, based upon sources close to the club, that Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola wants to sign Ribéry and Valencia forward and Spanish international David Villa (27) to replace Barcelona forwards Samuel Eto'o (28) and Thierry Henry (31), who could both end up in the English Premier League. Valencia would be asking a transfer fee of 30 million euro° for the Spanish striker.

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pep said...

30 million euro =

40 million us dollar
27 million british pound

Anonymous said...

get diego directly. he would perfectly fit in our system. just look at all of his goals. in that relation he is a player like messi. he always scores fantastic goals.

ej said...

nono gdet ribery he is way more talented .

look at diegoin brazi nt he sucs when he pay with a big names.c !!!!

he need to be the star of his team to perform and in barca i doubt he is able to be number 1 !!!

so get ribery now befre RM increase the prize !!

Aussie Barca Fan said...

It seems more and more likely that we will get Ribery and Madrid will get Kaka.

I don't really care who Madrid buy. My only concern is who we get. It does not make sense to Henry and Eto'o. Why change the best attack in the world just add to it with Ribery.

KEMPE cy said...

the full game : ))))))))))))))real - BARCA

OLALEKAN said...

ribery not diego pls

Jordi said...

@Aussie Barca Fan:
It would make sense insofar, as Eto'o is out for more than a month because of the African Cup of Nations, so Henry would move upfront with Ribery replacing him on the left wing.
Also with the new Frenchman in the Team we can afford to rest Messi in some games, letting him play as right winger.

Donald said...

Hello Lad,

henry will play on is a rumours about him not playing.

Anonymous said...

ribery is more talented? that's bullshit... look at what both does. diego is more skillful, more dangerous and he is not addicted to his speed (look at what happened to ronaldinho after he lost it). and furthermore: diego is younger and he can still improve while ribery is maybe at his top. diego nearly always played well for brazil but dunga does not know what he wants.

Anonymous said...

There is no comparison between Diego and Ribery. Diego is a Cm and Ribery, a winger. I don't see anyone comparing Xavi with Messi for example. Itdepends on the teams needs.

Absolutely silly.

Knives Out said...

I hope we get Ribery. It will be awesome if we do land him!

BarcaFan(BiH) said...

Thanks Kempe. Let us know in the future if you find more games that we can dl online.

Cali Socis said...

Sky Sports reported that a deal is close for Barca to get Ribery for 25 million Euros + Gudjohnson. If that's the offer, I say take it.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Thanks Jordi I certainly agree with you. There was one word I forgot to add in my comment.

I meant to write; It does not make sense to 'SELL' Henry and Eto'o. Sell was the word I forgot to add lol. I absolutely agree with you that with Eto'o away, Henry should move upfront with Ribery slotting to the left. This you're right will also give us plenty of options up front and allow Messi into more of a free role.

Cheers Aussie.

pep said...

Sky is three days late, Cali, we already had that one on 1 May... ;)

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