Monday, 4 May 2009

The Points: Real Madrid

Valdés 10__7__8__6,5__8__7,5

Alves 10__7,5__7,5__6,5__6__8,5
Puyol 10__7__7,5__6,75__7__8
Piqué 10__9__9,5__8__10__9,5
Abidal 10__7__7__5__7__7

Xavi 10__9__10__9__10__10
Touré 10__7,5__8,5__8__9__9
Iniesta 10__7,5__8,5__7__7__9,5

Messi 10__9__9,5__9__10__9
Eto'o 10__6,5__7,5__7__7__7,5
Henry 10__9,5__9,5__9__10__9,5

Keita 10__6,5__7,5__*__8__7,5
Bojan 10__*__7,5__*__*__7
Busquets 10__*__7__*__*__6,5


If you know other papers or sites that give points, you can let me know. See previous points here.


Anonymous said...

Probably just a typo, but Iniesta also received 10 from sport.

pep said...

Just a little test to see if people are paying attention... ;)

Thanks, Anony, changed that!

noubarca said...


Knives Out said...

Sport gave entire team a 10.. haha.. surely shows that they are a paper based in Barcelona ;)

Etsp said...

Best thing is they're spot on!

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