Monday, 4 May 2009

Manchester City preparing record bid for Messi

British tabloid The People claims that Manchester City wants to sign Barcelona attacker and Argentine international Lionel Messi (21) at the end of this season (read more here).

Together with Inter Milan manager José Mourinho, Messi would be the English club's top target during the summer transfer window.

Manchester City is prepared to offer Barcelona a transfer fee of 170 million euro°, while Messi would be proposed a contract worth 11 million euro a season. Sources close to the player are nevertheless quoted as saying that money is not his main driving force.

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pep said...

170 million euro =

225 million us dollar
150 million british pound

Anonymous said...

That's what the medias are doing for living.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

This is 'convenient' given Barca play Chelsea in two days. What a joke. Seriously these English tabloids have a very low IQ to think anyone would take them seriously.

noubarca said...

Mourinho & Messi? two opposites.

SimonP said...

That is just sick. No one is worth 170 million.

Except Messi, he's priceless =)

jester[HUN] said...

Hey guys I have seen a picture of succer madrid The "next" team
maicon pepe s.ramos filipe
fabregas l.diarra kaka
c.ronaldo benzema robben
what do you think

here is the link:

ej said...

hmmmm so a hole new team only keeping casillas , ramos , pepe(rambo).

diarra and robben are new anyway.

and i dont think higuan wil be happy to be a sub after his wonderful season.

i hope cr will play there but please god not kaka i ie this guy.

rumors that i believe say rm focusing n ribery deal and not cr :((((((((

ej said...


i know there is no player bigger than the club .... but:

even if we get a 300 M Bit from MCITY i think we shoud reject why?

because messi culd really become the best player in history(maybe he allready is) and i dont want to tell my grandchildren that Barca selled the best ever home made player because of big money (remember we are more than a club and we dont have a bwin on our shirt but unicef !!!)

happyy about comments

Iniestar said...

This will never happen.

As for Real, I hope the reports are true about Ibra and Kaka because winning the league would be worth so much more if there were a team on our level. Also, although Real did well at grinding out results this season, if they actually had a half-decent team the British press might start to appreciate La Liga a bit more. I am confident we will beat anyone on our day, Real + Kaka + Ibra included.

ej said...

we must act on ribery now or we wont get hm he wil oin rm then

barcaaaaa said...

Wow.. That's a lot of money. but money can't buy happiness.. BUT that is a lot of money..

Maybe a crazy lot of money can buy happiness??? Maybe.. Maybe.. I'm being realistic here.. That is fvking lot of money.. I would stir... I don't know Messi.. jajaja.. That's why I'm not Messi..

Again, that is a lot of money... money.. money.. (fading sound)

Aussie Barca Fan said...

With all due respect 'F$%k the money.' Remember what happened when Barca sold Maradona to Napoli for a handsome reward??? Maradona was just hitting his peak and we sold him. I know there were other factors that contributed to that decision, but Messi isn't worth any amount of money while he has the 'potential' to become one of the greatest ever players.

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