Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Pictures: Real Madrid (part 1)

(click a picture to enlarge)

(click a picture to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

Lol @ Boluda. :P

HouseMD said...

Most beautiful moment when Puyol kissed his Catalan armband in front of RM fans.

byron said...

I agree HouseMD, amazing moment, what a captain!

ElovesBarca said...

Totally, when Captain Puyi hit that header, I was almost crying. His first score in liga but in this such crucial moment & match. so moving ~

The faces of Boluda and Laporta are just funny to watch.... " Hala Madrid " = " HaHa Madrid " ~:p

However I 'm kinda feeling sorry for Ikar after I watched the reply. That was brutal. RM doesn't deserve him ~

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