Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Poll: Defense against Chelsea


Koyya said...

can Caceres play..
i though he was injured :(

barca_boy said...

to koyya-caceres isn't injured I think, but I can't see him in first eleven because he's too young to play with pique as a CD. Pique need some experienced player to play with him in such an important game, because he's young too. i would rather see abidal as a CD and sylvinho as a LB, but lets see what will pep do.

koko=barca said...

I think Keita will play as DC

LeónDragón Espoir said...

...to put touré in as cd could be a mistake...he has the skills to stop chelsea even in the midfield and then play the ball forward to assist the offence...abidal as cd isn't also a good option for me...he has a strong defending,but a mistake on that position could be crucial...for me,there are only two options...to play 3-4-3 like we did sucessfully at some games at the start of the season,or give caceres the chance,because of his not so bad heading-skills...whatever happens,think pep will make the right decision...ONE LOVE!!!!!...let's hope for the best...BARCA FOREVER!!!!!

ej said...

Guys the only right decision is put caceres as CD .

He is the only one who has the positioln of CD all others mention did that but from long time ago !!

we bough caceres for 8 M Euro so this means the STaff think that he have a little talent as a CD .

put toure as a CD will be the mistake that causes as the CL , because i prefer a weaker defence where we have the possesion than stronger defence but with less possesion as Chelsea(remember against valencia , toure didnt play and we didnt have our possession and we was really lucky not to lose !!!

i see this formation as the best one:

Alves Pique Caceres Abidal
Xavi toure iniesta
messi etoo henry

hope henry will be fit , but i have tghe feeling that its allrea´dy sure that he wont play but PEP asked the doctors not give information so that chelsea doesnt know for sure who is playing and who not !!!!

groga said...

I hope for Caceres. We have Pique to deal with Drogba anyway. And Caceres is faster than Abidal to pick up other players.

Anonymous said...

Caceres does not have the confidence or strength to stop Drogba, let alone handle the ball confidently. He is not at this level yet. play abidal and sylvinho.

Caribbean Hotspot said...

Watching the game against madrid abidal wasn't at his best. The first goal when robin cross the ball he could stop and the second goal he could cover the real defender therefore he roam freely and scored that header.

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