Saturday, 9 May 2009

Barcelona will appeal Abidal and Alves cards

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has said at a press conference today that Barcelona will appeal the red card handed to Barcelona player Eric Abidal and the yellow card handed to Barcelona player Daniel Alves during Wednesday's Champions League game against Chelsea:

"Of course we will appeal the cards of Abidal and Alves. We'll do it out of respect for them. I hope they will be able to play the final, as well as Darren Fletcher who only tried to play the ball so that decision wasn't correct either."

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Barcelona will appeal Alves and Abidal cards


Anonymous said...

Thanks but I doubt Alves will play. I hope Abidal plays though. Our best line up is:


With this lineup, I would be very confident of FC Barcelona beating Manchester United but too many players are missing and I think Man U will be the winners.

Etsp said...

Nah, we'll win on pure will, even with Caceres somewhere in the backline.

Ondra said...

Well, in fact: attack + midfield would be the same, i think Henry will be available. Sylvinho can replace Abidal and have offensive instructions. Caceres might play the RB...the lineup is weakened but still there's a chance. Without Henry it would be VERY difficult.

rafouka said...

i would say:

i think caceres will meet the expectations and keita can play at lb he is very gd at it and thierry will be fit in time i am sure.

barca all the way 4 the treble lets show those damn man utd what fcbarcelona really is.lets prove why we r the best in the world.
barca barc barca
catalonia is not spain
viva catalonia,viva barcelona,viva pep guardiola,viva leo messi.

adnan said...

wtf's up with those line ups?????
the best one ive seen so far is ondra's!!
sylvinho is a LEFT BACK why the hell would we put puyol or even keita there???
sylvinho should play on the left, puyol in the right
puyol pique caceres sylvinho
xavi toure/busquets iniesta/keita
messi etoo henri/iniesta

Ramen said...

Caceres would be better at RB because of his speed. Sylvinho will start though.

ponnyKID said...

for me yup caceres puyol pique sylvinho thats the best backline option we have......

Anonymous said...

Caceres will play as RB. Puyol is needed much more in the center of Defense and Caceres never preforms well at CB. Caceres plays very decent defensively at RB but he wont offer much to Messi and Messi doesn't look as good without Alves. He seems very isolated and alone. With Alves attacking, It's harder for Man U to double mark Messi but without Alves, Messi gets a lot more space on the wing. I think we need Eto'o to play his regular role of poacher like he did earlier in the season instead of using him as a guy that just draws away defenders because besides the Madrid game, FC Barcelona have been missing his goals. Without Eto'o's goals, Barcelona pose a much smaller threat up front and his runs drawing away Defenders doesn't even give that much more space to the other players.

Anonymous said...

Why appeal Abidal? He admits to bringing Anelka down, even if ever so slightly?

Kxevin said...

You appeal Abidal because he's our best left back. And don't forget that in reading the Setanta piece, which has been cited hither and yon by Chelsea conspiracy theorists, that he says "the ref THOUGHT that I fouled Anelka." The rest of the quote is rooted in that preliminary assertion. But Chelsea fans will certainly read the second sentence first and ignore the second.

Abidal has the pace to be able to deal with the likes of a roaming Ronaldo and Rooney. It's also an appeal that says to UEFA "if you allow Fletcher, you'd better allow Abidal, whose call was just as absurd."

I suspect that neither one will be allowed to play (Alves, Abidal or Fletcher).

As far as back lines, Puyol has usually been better on the right than in the center. Sylvinho will work on the left with some midfield support. And Sylvinho doesn't give up fouls, which will limit the Man U set piece danger.

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