Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Pictures: Chelsea (part 2)

(click a picture to enlarge)

(click a picture to enlarge)


thebackseatstrangler said...

in the first picture it looks like ballack & henning ovredo are crunking x^D

wanted47 said...

hahahaha nice one:-D

OLALEKAN said...

pep,thanx for bringing all that hand bal; seems ovredo have a reason for favouring us like that,thanx to him

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the only real appeal for a penalty is the Pique handball, but te ref decided that the ball played the hand not the hand playing the ball. The Toure tackle was not a penalty, the Eto'o "handball" was not a penalty, and the initial contact on Malouda in the first half started outside of the box... I think the no call against Pique makes up for the harsh red card agaisnt Abidal... I say eff Chelsea!

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