Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Bayern Munich and Stuttgart want Hleb

German tabloid Bild claims that Bayern Munich and Stuttgart are interested in Barcelona attacker and Belarusian international Alexander Hleb (28).

Both German clubs want to bring Hleb, whose contract with Barcelona expires in 2012, back to the Bundesliga this summer. Bayern is considering to sign Hleb, whom Barcelona could have offered in the transfer deal for Bayern Munich player Ribéry (read more here).

Aware of the interest of Bayern, Stuttgart sports director Horst Heldt and Stuttgart financial director Jochen Schneider would have flown to Barcelona yesterday morning at 9:55 am with a Germanwings flight. They were accompanied by Hleb's agent Uli Ferber and are expected back in Germany today after having held talks with Barcelona on a possible deal.

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raidall said...

yeah sounds good. we can sell hleb for bayern then we don't have to pay the total amount of ribery.
sell henry cuz this is the only season we can get a lot of money for his transfer.
on my behalf even etoo can leave(ac milan) because he got what he wanted in spain and it's time for a new adventure.
buy david villa or zlatan(keirison stby)
buy sergio asenjo and sell jorquera
and buy a stby RB and a stby LB
that's the way i see barca in the new season

noubarca said...

I would be sad to see Hleb go down as a barca flop. If he had settled in well, I wouldnt mind him leaving for Ribery. But for such a talented player to be tagged a "barca flop", its a shame

barca4life said...

Not too sure he was a "barca flop" More like he came up against Messi Etoo Henry for a place, its like Ezquerro, i wouldnt consider him a flop, he just had to compete with ronaldinho for a place.

Anonymous said...

Hleb bought for 15m, Caceres for 16m, great transfer policy as usual by the staff.

R10FCB said...

trade hleb in for ribery or for mario gomez.

HouseMD said...

He's good, he's talented, etc., etc., etc.. I agree.

The thing is, he was playing in the formation 4-4-2 whole his life. It was just bad transfer, but expensive as well. It's impossible to wait for him to become ready to play 4-3-3. Anyway, sell him this summer.

I'd sell (if someone makes offer):
Hleb, Milito, Gudjohnsen, Sylvinho (contract expires), Henry (maybe).

Caceres is a good player. He has bright future. I don't regard Pique much better than him.
And yes, during the African Cup, Toure and Keita will also miss. So, bring in someone like Navas, Moutinho, Veloso, Hamsik. Next year Cesc.
Maybe someone will be angry at me but I heard Perez will be ready to offload Holland players from RM. I'd like to have Sneijder. Don't kill me. Just a proposition. :)

Anonymous said...

I would like t owelcome Yohann Gourcuff as a Hleb replacement. that kid has a lot of potencial.Is younger and cheaper than Ribery

ej said...

mario gomez ? you kidding me ...

he is untalented a Real Madrid fan(he said that last time he played against barca , he said i will be happy to score against them because me and all my family are RM fans)

and he is really not a player who is capoepable to act in stress , he didnt manage to play well in german NT so if he is not good enough for bayern/Germany NT he is not good enough for Barca

This will be worst trade ever omg R10FCB you should be ashamed of only thinking that!!!!

a deal with bayern is poerfect because Bayern has the problem that very money big names doesnt want to go to them , so its sometimes they have money but many players would prefer spain or EPL so if we trade them hleb against ribery they will be very happy and we wont have to pay that much for ribery then .

i prefer trading gudi instead of hleb since hleb diudnt get any chances this season

R10FCB said...

i said Mario gomez becuase of his height, speed and strength and thought he would be good for barca, also i heard he was a barca fan. but after hearing that he and his family are madrid fans im starting to think otherwise, but i still think hes a good player.

Knives Out said...

Goodbye Hleb, it was nice knowing you!

DC86 said...

Mario Gomez is 100% Barca fan! He said that multiple times, and said he want to come to barcelona when his contract expire...

Anonymous said...

Out: Guddy, Hleb, Jorquera, Milito, loan out Caceres and Victor Sanchez, Sylvinho, Rafa Marquez (too slow and old and injury prone), and I'm sorry to say this but sell Eto'o while we still can! An ordinary Striker can score the chances that he misses!

In: Sergio Asenjo, Frank Ribery, David Villa, Henrique, Kolo Toure (Like Gaby Milito but taller and will ensure Yaya will stay) and Gael Clichy or any other promising young left backs.
Our starting eleven will be this:

Alves---Puyol---Pique/K. Toure---Gael Clichy/Abidal
Y. Toure---Xavi---Iniesta

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