Thursday, 7 May 2009

Quote of the day: Iniesta

I hit the ball with all my soul and it worked out perfectly.

Andrés Iniesta, Barcelona player


pep said...

The beautiful team did it the ugly way.

Paul Hayward, Guardian chief sports writer of the Observer

I switched on 20 minutes from the end and heard a commentator say "...has been sent off,". For the next five minutes I sat admiring Chelsea's resolve in defending with only ten men, before realizing it was the attacking team who were a man down. So let's put an end to all that "Barca didn't deserve it" nonsense right now.

Comment on The Guardian website

Jacob said...

Meanwhile Barca coach Pep Guardiola has praised captain John Terry for his behaviour after last night's semi-final defeat.

Despite Terry's disappointment, he visited the Barcelona dressing room and shook hands with each member of their playing and coaching staff. It was an act of sportsmanship for which the Barca team and staff applauded him out of the room.

''I want to thank John Terry for coming into the dressing room and congratulating us,'' said Guardiola. ''He's a true gentleman.''

Engineer said...

Wow, very nice gesture from John Terry. Gentleman indeed.

I have tried to collect a few videos where you can hear the commentators celebrating the goal, amazing to watch!

This is my favorite,

Some others in various languages,

Celebrations on the stands from the Barcelona fans,

And a bonus video of Drogba!

If anyone finds any more videos with different commentary tracks, please post them too, I love hearing it.

Maybe you can make a post, pep? :)

Anonymous said...

thanks Engineer
its crazy to hear they scream
but i like them all

Engineer said...

Hehe, I'm glad you liked them!

I found something else that's pretty funny too!

Knives Out said...

Those quotes are quite amazing, Pep. That little piece by Jacob is pretty great too.

Lampard too was quite a sportsman when he swapped jerseys with Iniesta. I didn't see anyone else exchanging jerseys.

SimonP said...

Even in the teams that you hate the most there are fantastic players that are are fantastic persons. Players like Terry, Lampard and even Casillas deserve every credit they get.

Knives Out said...

This is from

Cynic from US writes: Talk about far out conspiracy theories... Why not claim it was the mayor of Rome who bought the referee because he wanted beautiful Barcelona fans to party in the streets of Rome in stead of drunk englishmen?


Durimmi said...

I heard that Abidal cryed in an interview in dressing room after he was sent-off.

Can anybody find a video pls ?

hieifcb said...

I luved the spanish commentary one!!
hilarious! i think the commentator cried xD lol Iniesstaaaaaa!! haha

Anonymous said...

Pep, please take a look at this article:

Marc4barca said...

why is it that eto always disappears at the end of the season when we really need him.. i stay by the fact that i want him gone since last year and he hasn't changed my mind. 27 goals in great but that is only for gullible non intelligent viewers(no offense to any who this may refer too). We need a CF that can handle these big games and can pass and control, if u realize that most his goals come from one timers in the 12 yard area as his controlling let's him down too much which means if he is marked like at chelsea he would be taken out the game quite easily. he has no longshot, no heading, no pass, i keep hearing what we lack is a freekick taker, people who can head a ball and for some a keeper, while all those things are true what we really need is a complete forward which will give barca more options than carry the ball in the box. alves crosses have been good and bad but no one puts them away regardless so it's basically alves just wasting the ball all of the time and making him not worth the money we paid him for, but i won't talk on alves that would be for ramzi to do (how valuable is alves to barcelona) to me he is ok and we have not conceded as much as last year so not much complaints just need that taller talented forward to connect to those crosses.

Best options for Barcelon tall talented CF
Drogba(too old now but would of been a great signing if done earlier)

Best options for barcelona forwards of all sizes who are better than eto
Benzema(not sire if he is better but u guys would tell me right?)

best options for freekick takers
ronaldo(it could happen)

First team i wish for in 2 years time

alves - pique - vidic - abidal/maxwell
xavi - yaya - iniesta
ribery - zlatan - messi

gai assulin

i now the starting 11 is wishful but the way things have been going anything can happen and i won't be surprised if we put together a massive team like that.

Anonymous said...

You are being too harsh! Eto'o is a Striker and a Strikers job is to score. We don't play the crossing game because we don't have very tall players, thats why we only have Alves crossing the ball. Why would we change our whole mentality when it is working out so well right now. Also, Eto'o can pass as he has over 10 assists this season more than Drogba Amuari, Benzema or Villa. Zlatan is good passer but he flops even more in the big games! If we replace him, then do so with Villa as he is the only Striker that can replace "The Lion."

Marc4barca said...

it's not changing our whole mentality, it's to give us something extra when we face defensive football, if we can't get through the middle or run the ball in the box then what are we going to do and if we don't play the crossing game then why does alves cross all the time, wouldn't that be just be wasting the ball. one thing i have learned is when you look at statistics you have to think how much better it should of been eto control and passing is horrible and he should be on alot more goals right now but he is wasteful. drogba has been injured for alot of this season and the way chelsea you shouldn't expect them to have alot of assist, amauri is definitely not the passing type but he has great control, strong and dangerous in the air, benzema is a great all round player but he is playing in such a poor league with no class to support him, one man can't carry a team and villa is definitely a better passer than eto, it is just that villa does passes to set himself up and valencia have only been good in the past few weeks and as for zlatan i think what makes him a big game flop is the team, ronaldo was a big game flop, now that manu have been in this rich form since last season he has performed well, the big game flop gesture is used to play down a great players skill when his team fail to perform it's called jealousy. i don't agree with villa being the only one to replace i think villa is actually the same thing as eto just with better passing and is much shorter and if it was up to me i won't sell eto and pay 40mil for the same type of player. i would only sell eto for zlatan, torres or benzema. amauri and villa is just other options in case we are desperate for a striker and i will say this to you so you would understand barca more, no matter who we bring and what we want to change our mentality will never change, so a taller player which pep wanted in the first place would of just made us better.

and it's one thing when people post comments as anon, i want to know who i am talking too, as barca fans we may argue and think differently but we all love the team and for that we will all remain good friends so there is no need to hide if you think the comment will get bad remarks or someone abuses you on the internet that's just life.

Nerre said...

I really dont get it why people dislike Zlatan. He has scored 21 goals in Inter, with no support att all he always does it on his own and people still think his not good :S. If he can score 21 goals without messi,xavi,iniesta and think what he might do if he played with them. I personally think we should get Zlatan and Ribery and sell etoo. I dont get how you guys can say big games flop do you really expect Inter to beat Man U come on guys. When we played them we couldnt score against them do you really expect Zlatan as alone strike will score when messi henry etoo ronaldinho couldnt? As far as i know Zlatan is always there when Inter need him and every team his played in has won the Serie A i dont think it luck.

nefarious007 said...

pl.. i reckon barca will win the champions league f... man united.


Heres a few great Gif's from the game yesterday sure to make you laugh...


cruelsong said...

i agree with Marc4barca, if we have to buy a CF then it would be torres or benzema.. they both physically and technically complete..
and yes we can play some crosses to with them as our striker

Amar said...

hey in one of the videos from engineer, the commentator was screaming about kaiserslautern.

Can anyone clarify wat was that about?

pep said...

In 1992 a similar thing happened when Bakero scored a late goal against Kaiserslautern. Barcelona went on to win the cup.

Amar said...

thanks pep. you're always so helpful. =)

pep said...

Thank my parents for that, Amar. They taught me to always be helpful and kind towars other people... *angel face*

We'll see what we can do, Engineer.

Knives Out said...

Hey Pep, sent you an email a couple of days ago, hope you got it!

pep said...

Didn't read it yet, but will answer you tonight!

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