Friday, 8 May 2009

Poll result - Man of the match: Chelsea

This is the final result of this blog's Chelsea-Barcelona: who was our man of the match? poll:

1. Iniesta 55%
2. Valdes 24%
3. Pique 7%

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Anonymous said...

i know it's not the place for this comment but i just want to know what do you guys think.

to pep or any member who can publish this: 2 hands ball inside the box from Ballack and Cole.
this is the video (focus betwen the 1.53 and 2.04 min):
what do you think?

pep said...

We're looking into it...

Anonymous said...

To PEP:-

This is karthik from India.....Do you think that we really deserve to be in the Final...Many Chelsea fans say that the referee was against them..But i didn't see any of those....Were the penalty appeals credible?? pls reply....I have a feeling that we played better football and in this case football won and not money....

pep said...


1. If the two best teams of the season should be in the final, then Barcelona deserves to be in the final.

2. The most clear mistake by the referee on Wednesday was Abidal's red card.

3. None of the 4-5 penalty claims is a 100% penalty. The Piqué handball comes closest and probably should have been given, although I didn't see a conclusive re-play.

4. If the German referee in the first leg would have done his job properly, we would have had one penalty, Ballack would have been sent off with a second yellow (so he wouldn't even have been on the pitch on wednesday), several Chelsea players would have got a yellow card (and maybe could therefore have been under suspension-pressure on wednesday) and this all could have meant a far easier second leg for us.

5. We still didn't forget about the 2004-2005 tie when Collina allowed the decisive goal despite Carvalho clearly holding back Valdes.

6. I'm still in favour of allowing referees to use video cameras.

7. Chelsea fans should be glad they're out because they would have lost the final again, which would have given Manchester United fans renewed reasons to laugh at them. Barcelona has a better chance to defeat ManU and if they don't the Chelsea fans at least can keep on believing and saying that they would have won the final if it wasn't for the referee.

Anonymous said...

so pep what do you think of the video?? they were 2 hand ball inside the box, i didn't notice it live but after looking at this video i think that anonymous got it right, well done.

SimonP said...

The video clearly shows two handballs. The difference is that our players are no whining babies that try to score from penalties. We want to score on real chances rather then diving in the box.

zealot said...

Pep, if you decide to post the video here, I suggest you find other video. Because usually UCL clips in Youtube will be deleted after 3-4 days.

Anonymous said...

Ballack hand the ball too! Check this out:

Anonymous said...

what about the one for cole

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