Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Pique's recipe to reach the final

source: El Periódico

1. To repeat the game at the Bernabéu
It's not necessary to score six goals. We don't even need to win. Score once and draw is enough. The performance of Saturday serves as reference for the ability of Barça to surpass an unfavourable atmosphere like the one we will face tomorrow. "We have our own style and we have to impose it. Scoring one goal will give us a lot of tranquility of mind", stresses Piqué, sharing Guardiola's idea that Barça has to be true to themselves wherever they play.

2. To avoid fouls near the penalty area
Two centres from the wings in Madrid, two goals. Chelsea also knows Barcelona's weak point: high balls. Short of height (Alves, Xavi, Iniesta and Messi are only around 1 metre 70), Barça has a serious problem to defend set pieces. "The coach advises us to avoid fouls near the penalty area because this allows the opponent to drop a ball in", explains Piqué.

3. To keep the ball low and to silence the stadium
Stamford Bridge will roar if there are reasons for it. But if Xavi and Iniesta play their game, the pressure won't affect us. "If we have the ball and we make it go round over the ground, Chelsea will suffer", emphasizes the defender. "It's very important to be very well positioned at each moment: to combine when we attack and to avoid, when we defend, the second balls which can give them a chance to shoot after a ball has been cleared.

4. To stop a rock like Drogba
Piqué played for the first time against the Ivorian forward last Tuesday. He experienced what he expected. "He's strong as a rock and he protects the ball very well with his back to the goal". The absence of Márquez and Puyol turns the attention to the author of the 2-6 on Saturday. "Maybe the defenders will have a bigger responsibility, but the qualification for the final will be a team's effort", he assures.

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paco said...

congrats on your goal last weekend Pique, you mentioned it was always a dream to score at the Bernebeau

SimonP said...

Actually it was his second goal at Bernebeau.

He makes sense, if the team accomplishes those things we will win.

Anonymous said...

his first goal with barca at the bernebeau

paco said...

Thanks anon

Anurag said...

i admire pique, he has really been outstanding this season. and i think he is making a lot of sense in this article. im confident barca can put all this into action and not only qualify, but also beat man yoo in the final.

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