Monday, 4 May 2009

Number of the day: 11 952

11 952

record number of metres run by Barcelona midfielder Xavi during last week's Champions League game against Chelsea


pep said...

Ballack was the Chelsea player who covered the most distance: 11 424 metres.

rObReV7 said...

Wow, is this a Barca record, Xavi record, or Champs League record?

Helge said...

Certainly not a CL record, I think there were players running about 13 kms. But a persona record, I would assume.
And don't forget, people were talking about fatigue, now look at the match Xavi played 4 days later in the Estadio Bernabeu ;)
He's amazing, maybe he can set up another goal against Chelsea - which might be enough to reach the final.

JC said...

Pep, I'm very curious where you found these statistics. I couldn't find them when I tried looking. Do you mind sharing?

ej said...

for al who understand arabic funny video about the clasico

Anonymous said...

This blog is so good to look for information! I speak spanish fluently but here I find the information I'm looking for. El Mundo Deportivo and Sport are full of shitty articles.

pep said...

It was a match record, rObReV7. Don't know about the rest.

I just bump into them while reading articles, JC. I don't really have a place where I can find them. Nor do I mesure those things myself.

I copy some from EMD and Sport, Anony... Of course trying to leave out the less interesting stories ;). And giving it a turn by cutting the crap away.

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