Saturday, 9 May 2009

Pichichi and Zamora (day 34)

With Barcelona players competing for the trophies of best goalscorer and best goalkeeper of the Spanish league, this blog will follow the events during the second round.

27 Eto'o (Barcelona)
25 Villa (Valencia)
25 Forlán (Atlético Madrid)
23 Messi (Barcelona)
19 Henry (Barcelona)
19 Negredo (Almería)

0,82 Víctor Valdés (Barcelona)
1,06 Palop (Sevilla)
1,21 Casillas (Real Madrid)
1,24 Aranzubía (Deportivo)
1,28 Toño (Racing Santander)

1 comment:

Marc4barca said...

forlan has been brilliant. i won't be surprised if this guy wins the pichichi.

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