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Marquez: "Sometimes I get mad and lose control"

Barcelona player Rafael Márquez gave an interview to FIFA’s official website.

Rafael, why have you decided to end your silence after you got criticized in recent weeks for the red card you received in the World qualifying match against USA in February?
I just thought the time was right. First of all, because I can't go to Mexico this week. I'm suspended and I can't play, but I really wanted to go and support my team-mates. I also think it's unfair that people are trying to pin the blame on me for the bad results we've been having. If you ask me, Mexican football has a deep-rooted problem. Our football is stagnating, if we carry on like this we're all going to pay for it.

What do you mean exactly?
There are a lot of things that are going on and we need to analyse them closely to find out why they're happening. It's almost like we're trying to shoot ourselves in the foot. Sometimes the press seem to be trying to outdo each other and publish the most trashy stories to sell more papers. That doesn't help the national team.

What role do the players play in all this?
Sometimes I feel we're being left to fend for ourselves. At the same time, though, I'm aware that it's up to us to put things right and to work with what we've got at the moment. We need to give it our all and go all out to qualify.

It has been just over a month now since you were sent off against USA. How do you feel about it?
I've calmed done about it now. The first few days were very tough. I made a mistake but I've been going over it in my mind and learning from the experience. I'm focusing on my club at the moment, I'm in good shape, we're still in all three competitions and we've got a good chance of winning them all. Of course, I'm sad that I'm not with the national team right now and that's mainly because I asked permission to travel despite the suspension. I wasn't allowed to go, though.

Some people in Mexico have even questioned your love for the shirt.
If that were really the case, I'd have turned my back on the national team a long time ago. I'm still proud to represent my country, I love fighting for my country, I've been in every national side from the youth teams up and I'm never going to let Mexico down again. I made a mistake, that's true. I'm an aggressive player and that's one of my flaws, and because of that I get mad and lose control. But I'm learning to channel that energy now. I don't care about negative opinions because they come from people who don't know anything about football.

Despite everything do you think Mexico will be at South Africa 2010?
I've got no doubts about that. Of course, we will. I'm convinced we'll qualify for the World Cup. We have to make the most of the fact that we've got a good generation of young players and that there's some experienced players to back them up.

It will be 3am in Barcelona when the game against Costa Rica kicks off. Will you be staying up to watch it?
Yes, yes. I've got to watch the game. I've no option but to.

What message do you have for the fans back in Mexico?
They need to trust in us. We need their support more than ever and all I ask of them is that they don't read too much into what certain sections of the media might be saying. They really go over the top. I know we've got magnificent fans and there's bound to be a full house at the Estadio Azteca.

Is there anything you want to add on a personal note?
Yes, of course. I can't guarantee that I'll never get sent off again, but I'll be doing everything in my power to ensure I never let the people of Mexico down again. I've been through a lot and I've learnt things along the way. It was a very tough situation and I can honestly say that I won't let it happen ever again.

read the complete interview here

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Anonymous said...

Barcelona should get rid of this dirty mexican and put a American defender in his place god know's they are way better player's then him and most Spanish player's as well

Anonymous said...


M10 said...

no racist comments, u dont even know marquez,he is a hot head at times during the game, but shit happens, he's a world class defender and is very talented and u cant doubt that unless he's not playing for the best club in the world.. but he is isnt he?


RACIST GARBAGE.. WTF...You guys need to put the pipe down. Probably the stupidist comment I have read on this website ever. Marquez is the man and you should respect this mans past contributions for our club. Fuking NooBs should do something useful like start a blog about why Real Madrid wants to spend 125 million euro on fagatrons like C.Ronaldo or how great Landon Donovan is on Bayern. FUCK YEAH

Anonymous said...

I don't see any racist comments here whatsoever, totally unneccessary to use such labels on people.

Marquez is a good chap, I haven't seen much of the hot-headedness to be frank.

BarcaTiger said...

Being an American, I have no problem with Rafael Marquez. It is unfortunate that he loses his temper and commits silly fouls that lead to him being sent off, but that's the game we/they play. I think if we let him go, we would lose a huge bench player and we would be worse off for it. He is a world class defender and you need not look much further than the performance he had in the first leg against Lyon; and again at the great assist he had in Henry's goal in the second leg.

I'd love to see an American in a Barca kit; but at the moment there are ZERO players in America that are as good or better than Marquez so if we would let him go we would be worse off for it. There is nothing wrong with national pride as I hope one day we are good enough to warrant an American player in a Barca kit.

As far as racist comments; the "dirty mexican" comment was a bit distasteful but not exactly what I would call racist. It really isn't different than being called a "stupid American" for liking a sport that wasn't invented in my country. Certainly as a fan of SPANISH football, you would know exactly what racism is.

Anonymous said...

marquez is a great player for barca i actually think the foul was not as bad as everybody thinks! American in barca haha dont make me laugh thwy no nothing about futbol or barca... the last person who should be talkig about futbol is americans! and how the hell is marquez a bench player??? he has started more games this year then most defender except alves! stupid americans! VIVA BARCA AND MARQUEZ!

ninzy said...

nothing angers me more than so called football fans labelling players for the color of their skin. stuff like that has no place here. if you've nothing better to say just shut it will ya. marquez has served barca well. if you're really barca fans you should know that for a fact.

BarcaTiger said...

To the mildly entertaining anonymous poster two posts above me. I'm sure you think you are a funny person hurling insults about one person's culture: calling them "stupid" and "unknowing" about the game of football; please do not make the mistake of thinking we don't know football. I can guarantee you that I know more about the game than your "brain" can handle. So if you want to act like you're the prima in terms of all things football and Barcelona; at least act with some class and maybe don't post until you can learn how to spell.

Maybe if your reading comprehension skills were above that of a 7 year old child, you would have noticed that I said "I would love to see an American play for Barcelona, but we have ZERO players good enough". Sounds to me like I said our players weren't good enough. So where you come with this nonsense of "you shouldn't be allowed to talk about Barca or football because american players suck" is beyond me. Oh, and last time I checked, my rights have not been removed yet and I don't live in Cuba or China, so I think I will talk about football AS MUCH as I want because, unlike you, I can form a complete sentence and at the very least spell correctly. Les enfants es tres tres stupide. Visca Barca!

subhashis said...

Rafael Marquez has been an honest barca player thru good and bad times..and marquez is a cule asset. No matter whatever people say here..marquez will remain at barca and we are proud to have him here....

Visca el Barca

Anonymous said...

hahaha wasnt talking about you tigerBarca i was tahlikng about the other racist asshole but u made me laugh suck a nut fukin tard!!! les enfants es tres stupide pendejo!

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