Saturday, 21 March 2009

Messi best dribbler in world football

Sports site Bleacher Report has put out a list of the best dribblers in world football.

Barcelona attacker and Argentinian international Lionel Messi (21) tops the list: "The 1.69-meter-tall winger has a unique gift of dribbling. His height and quick feet allow him to quickly change pace and direction right in front of and between defenders.

His ball control is simply phenomenal, with the ability of running as quickly with the ball as he does without it. This natural ability allows Messi to ghost through defense; easily and frequently able to beat three opponents with three touches."

Barcelona attacker and Spanish international Andrés Iniesta (24) finished 8th: "The list wouldn't be complete without a mention of his name. His main advantage lies in his ball control which complements his intelligence. This allows him to read the defense and move around them. He has used this to win numerous penalties."

This is the complete Top-10 :

1. Lionel Messi (Argentina - FC Barcelona)
2. Ronaldinho (Brazil - AC Milan)
3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal - Manchester United)
4. Robinho (Brazil - Manchester City)
5. Juan Roman Riquelme (Argentina - Boca Juniors)
6. Arjen Robben (Netherlands - Real Madrid)
7. Ronaldo (Brazil - Corinthians)
8. Andrés Iniesta (Spain - FC Barcelona)
9. Kaka (Brazil - AC Milan)
10. Sergio "Kun" Aguero (Argentina - Atletico de Madrid)

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Anonymous said...

interesting how 5 of the top 10 play or have played for barca

Charles said...

No way. I love Messi but he is not a better dribbler than Ronnie, Iniesta, or Robinho.
He is quicker than them not a better dribbler

zealot said...

What are you trying to say Charles? The ability to dribble with the ball past 4-5 players is not called dribbling?

ninzy said...

what kind of list puts iniesta only at #8? *puzzled*

Anonymous said...

dribbling doesn't mean doing unnecesery moves ,aver steping theball or using flashy moves.
it means how close you keep the ball to your feet while running and how good u control it , and messi has the ball glued to his feet unlike all the others.

noubarca said...

this says so much about the English premiership. LOL...

and @ Charles, I wld define dribbling as the ability to go (ghost) past your marker, opponent, defenders with the ball successfully. We all agree no 1 beats Messi.

CKoon said...

If this is a Current best dribbler in the world list.

Ronaldinho and Ronaldo(Corinthians) definitely should not appear in the list.

Anonymous said...

This list has some weird inclusions. C.ronaldo is definitely not better than robben or iniesta. Riquelme has no pace, never been the kind to get past multiple defenders. I think messi-robben-iniesta is more accurate

PerJun said...

Iniesta should be further up the list.

AMJ said...

Is this some kind of joke? Riquelme? Ha..ha..

Anonymous said...

Robben & Iniesta are faboulous when it comes to driblling.Both of them shud hav been in top 5.Ronnie is a useless arrogant player.He doesn't desrves to be even in top 10 dribblers

Anonymous said...

Robben & Iniesta shud be in the top 5.When it comes to dribbling both of them are just faboulous.Ronnie is an useless arrogant player.He doesn't even deserves to feature in this list.Messi is undisputed king of dribbling.He is the best in the world & no one is even close to him.

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