Friday, 17 April 2009

Bayern preparing a bid for Hleb

French sports paper L'Equipe claims that Bayern Munich is still interested in Barcelona attacker and Belarus international Alexander Hleb (27) (read more here).

The paper unconfirmedly claims that Bayern Munich was encouraged by informal talks between officials of both clubs during the Champions League tie on Tuesday. The German club is now expected to make a formal bid in the next few weeks. Barcelona could be willing to accept an offer of around 8 million euro°.

Asked about the rumours linking Hleb with a loan move to Bayern, Barcelona president Joan Laporta is meanwhile quoted as saying in an interview with German sport weekly paper Sport Bild that the clubs will discuss transfer issues when the time is there: "I cannot say what will happen in the summer. If anything happened than Kalle (Bayern Munich president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge) would be the first one I would call. We have to deal with this kind of issues at a club level, we cannot become instruments of agents and advisors."

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pep said...

8 million euro =

10,5 million us dollar
7 million british pound

E said...

Sell him and promote someone from our reserves

djoef said...

8 million is too little, they should at least get 12.

Amir said...

i'm new here and i must say it's the best site i've ever entered .
the owner of the blog can be very proud of it. and now to the subject SELL HLEB just SELL HIM AT ANY PRICE

pep said...

Thanks, Amir. Feel welcome and spread the news!

Knives Out said...

If we're getting Ribery out of it (seems out of bounds for now, but still) then perhaps we can think of letting him go. Otherwise just like we let Henry prove himself, we must try him out for at least one more season.

R10FCB said...

the difference between henry and hleb is that although henry was playing poorly last season he was still starting regularly, hleb on the other hand hardly gets any playing time at all. so him proving himself next season is unlikely to happen with the amount of minutes he is getting.
I am a big fan of ribery and if selling hleb means able to get closer to buying ribery i say go for it.

John-Reid said...

I completely agree with Knives Out (and with Amir about this website)

OLALEKAN said...

yes,accepted KNIVES,but our fellow cules dont believe that.but me and u do,i always say this anytime i see any rumour about hleb and i will always say it untill we do a mistake in keeping hleb till next season (maybe the best thing.) that hleb should just be giving another season to prove himself at barca.he will definatelly be usefull next season,pls dont lets sell him,lets just be vigilant from the case of HENRY AND ABIDAL.

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