Friday, 1 August 2008

Gudjohnsen will probably stay

Asked about the rumours linking him with a summer exit (read more here), Barcelona attacker and Iceland international Eidur Gudjohnsen (29) had said to journalists that he is ready to start a new season at Barcelona after talking with new manager Josep Guardiola:

"It's not easy when there's all that speculation and you don't know what's going to happen but I have a strong character and I'm not influenced a lot by football things. I can focus on obtaining the best form possible. A few weeks ago I talked with the manager about my future at the club and he said that he believes in me. Now I'm ready to continue at Barcelona. If nothing happens before the end of the transfer window, I will stay here."

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Anonymous said...

IMO, if good offers come, we should sell him.

Anonymous said...

So does this mean that Barcelona will no longer look for an attacking mid?

By the way... has anyone heard of Sebastian Giovinco??

Wonder why Barca never considered Giovinco to add for the attack mid position??

Anonymous said...

...if guardiola has faith in badjohnsen...i'm loosing my faith in must be blind or just dumb not to see how bad he is...worsest player in la liga...always operating stealth mode...he is very rare involved in barcas game and has just not the force to integrate himself into the team...his goalscorer-skills are miserable just like his passing-skills or his positioning without the ball...i'll bet,if they would let him go for free with paying his wage to the new club,they would also don't take joke!!!!!...barca-board promised a change,but the only one gone was their best!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I still say Guddy goes to the Premier League before the close of the window. He's had interest from several clubs (West Ham, Newcastle among them).

I hope Barca seriously pursues Thiago Neves now that Arshavin appears headed to Tottenham. Neves is half the price and four years younger.

blaugrana-till-i-die said...

Gudjohnsen is to stay while effin ETo'o is not part of his plans ...what is this guy on?????

cojonudo said...
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Anonymous said...

Guardiola's plans...get rid of Eto'o, Ronaldinho, and Deco...and keep Gudjohnsen. This is the most ass-backwards thinking I have ever seen by a football manager. Gudjohnsen is awful and honestly think he should be playing for the "B" team.

cojonudo said...

I don't know what Pep sees in this guy either? It's not to say that Guddy's a bad player, rather his "game" and style of play are not conducive to La Liga play. He would stand to have much more success with a return to the EPL.

I also think that regardless of Pep's sentiments, this has more to do with Guddy refusing to leave the club than Pep urging him to remain in the fold.

Yes, I know it's considered "selfish" to put your own interests ahead of the club, but if Guddy had any ounce of common sense he would have moved back to the EPL by now to "ressurect" what remains of his career instead of just seeing it flash before his very own eyes.

Subhashis said...

IMO, right decision

agreed his style of play is not best suited for la liga. but we also play champions league, we also play cup matches..we play a lot of games in the season. and sometimes you need a strong player who can shoot powerfuly. I think guddys hard work and determination will be a force in the long season.

and guddy has a big heart..he wants to stay with barca knowingh that he wont get as much 1st team opp as he could have in other clubs.

Anonymous said...

Guddy may not be the best player in Europe but he always puts the club ahead of himself which can not be said about many other players like the selfish Deco and Ronaldinho. Every year the headlines have read "now that Gudjohnsen is falling down the pecking order behind.. blah blah... and will be sold... blah blah" but he always stays strong and serves his clubs well, just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Gudjohnsen:"A few weeks ago I talked with the manager about my future at the club and he said that he believes in me."

Fuck. This just can't be true. Stupid Guardiola believes in him and Henry, but not in Eto'o which is 100X better than both. I'd like to try these shrooms Guardiola is on. I'd like Eto'o stay till 2010 and than goes away for free and say:"Fuck you all Barca,you ungrateful pricks!" Barca is starting to be greedy just like Chelsea and Real, and that my friends is leading to the self-destruction. Guardiola and Barca board suck!!!

Anonymous said...

Well with Keita, Toure, Marquez, Iniesta, Xavi and Hleb as central midfielders Gudjohnsen isnt destined for the starting XI so dont worry.

Anonymous said...

So those saying Deco and R80 should be kept ahead of Guddy dont love barca. These guys have not done us anygood in the last 2years. while Guddy has tried his very best everytiem he was called upon.
If you guys would sincerely answer this question i would be happy.
R80 & Deco to give 30% for barca OR Guddy to give 110% for barca?

Anonymous said...

The comment above is ridiculous. Yes I want hard working players on the field, but that does not compensate for SKILL. He can give 110% all day every day and he still doesn't measure up to La Liga standards, so get him THE FUCK OUT.

Anonymous said...

hmm.. did guddy not save barcas face
against liverpool,06 and he shot home most goal in the cl 06. he also had the best goalscoring 06(min on pitc).
07 the divas deco,eto´o and dino playd solo and not for the team,
amof the whole team play´d just hang on to the ball football game after game. knowing how guddy playd for Chelsea when thay won the pl 2t in a row I know that is not his stile.I am shure Guardiola will make a team of all the fantastic players at Barca, Eidur can be wort a lot.

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