Monday, 27 July 2009

Pedro not excluding loan exit

Asked about his future at the club (read more here), Barcelona wing attacker Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma (21) has said in an interview with Catalan radio station Catalunya Ràdio that it's still a possibility that he will leave on loan this summer:

"I work to stay here but you never know. It's still not clear which transfers will be made or which chances I will get. I indeed have received some offers to leave. There are a couple of options, but there's nothing concrete yet. Personally, I would want to stay here for one more year."

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IBES said...

Hope he is not given up on just yet. Seems like a good backup for Messi now that Hleb is gone and is familiar with Pep's system.

tero said...

He would be a good back-up for Messi.I am impressed how he has played in Wembley Cup

Marc4barca said...

i read somewhere that bayern are so pissed with real and ribery that they may sell him to anyone but maadrid. sounds like a lot of bull but oh how i wish it were true.

FCBarca said...

All I know is, Pedrito better not be sold...The kid has a Barca future and I sure would like to see him get more run outs for Pep

barca nike said...

Pedro is better then that crap Hleb.

fcbarca<3 said...

pedro should stay and for BARCA NIKE hleb isn't crap

Anonymous said...

Pedro has the potential to be a decent backup for Messi . He should be given more playing time !!

OLALEKAN said...

I LOVE PEDRO of all the kids,!hops he's a first team player.but i would also prefere rochina tobe there for us is pedro thinks of going.pedro is old enough to be a regular stater in a club just like mata in valencia nad navas in sevilla.

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