Monday, 27 July 2009

The Front: Sport


Sport travelled with Ibrahimovic

Ibrahimovic: "I want to be part of the history of Barca"

Guardiola: "Ibra gives us different options"

Messi debuts with victory


Culer_Than_Thou said...

Doesn't this quote - "Ja Soc Aqui" have some history??
I think Pep said these lines after winning the CL in 1992 and showing it to the fans in Barcelona... referring to some other historic incident.
Can someone please shed some light on this??

fcbee said...

Taradellas said "ja soc aqui" when retruning to Spain after the death of Franco:

Zlatan didn't say it though, it's just Sport putting that title up.

Xaviniesta said...

yeah! thought it sounded familiar.. and didnt pep said that on when he presented the CL trophy in barcelona? not sure but i kind of read that somewhere..

Xaviniesta said...

@culer..yeah i remember same thing..can someone confirm abt pep?

fcbee said...

Pep said "Ja la tenim aqui" as a reference to the other quote when Barça first won the Cl in 1992.

Culer_Than_Thou said...

Hey fcbee...
i know mate that Zlatan didn't say that. It's plain that its Sport's headline.
I just wanted to know the relevance of the quote, since i had read that somewhere and failed to recollect.
Thanx mate.

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