Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Manchester City prepares summer bid for Toure

British newspaper The Guardian claims that Barcelona defensive midfielder and Ivory Coast international Yaya Touré (25). (read more here) is on an extenive list of transfer targets drawn up by Manchester City.

Touré is thought to be part of a summer recruitment programme worth 225 million euro that the English Premier League club would be planning.

Other names on the list would include Chelsea defender John Terry (in a cash-plus-Robinho swap deal), Valencia forward David Villa, Arsenal defender Kolo Touré and Blackburn Rovers forward Roque Santa Cruz.

Asked about his contract renewal (read more
here), Touré said last week at a press conference that he's not worried about the issue: "I'm a real professional and I'm very happy here. I know that my agent is pushing a bit but that's his job. For me, the important thing is to work hard and to win a lot of trophies here. I'm a calm person and I don't like polemic. My contract only expires in 2011, so we have a lot of time left to talk."

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denari said...

Piss off, City.

BA said...

so their list is :

Yaya: what professional footballer wants to move from a 1st place club in European competition to a 10th placed club that isn't?

John Terry: lol. for Robinho + cash. double lol.

David Villa: will never play outside of Spain.

Kolo Toure: same problem as Yaya but maybe a slight chance.

Santa Cruz: who? this club has 11ty gajillion dollars and they are buying no-name strikers with no real proven record of goalscoring from Blackburn Rovers?

something tells me City, for all their money, aren't going ANYWHERE with this kind of strategy or these kinds of people in positions of decision-making. they could build a spectacular team, but are hobbled by a total ignorance of football and the belief that money is everything.

hamad_ali said...

could'nt have said it any better BA
well said.

skanjos said...

you say that now but what if they made an offer of 40mil?

i mean look how milan is now hitting their heads in the wall for kaka not accepting to go there.

if an offer that high comes he is welcome to leave,heck i would let him go for 25+

SimonP said...

In my opinion there are 3 factors involved when a player chooses club:

1. Amount of playing time.
2. The amount of money he will make during the contract.
3. The chance of winning titles.

I think that they are equally important and for some the money is everything.

John Terry wouldn't leave Chelsea, he is already one of the best paid players in the PL and it would take a monster-contract for him to leave, maybe 10-times as much as he earns now and that's just crazy.

Kolo Touré could leave, he haven't been very good this season and there was rumours he would leave in january, if K. Touré goes to ManC there are a good chance that Yaya will join them too. It's a dream for him to play with his brother. Also he have a pretty lousy contract right now and City could easily offer him a 5-6 million deal (pounds).

Santa Cruz had a phenomenal season 07/08. Before that he played, among other clubs, in Bayern Munich so he probably have what it takes.

Hopefully we will get at least 30 million pounds for Yaya, anything less then that (from City) is a robbery.

sashi said...

This was th same way Chelsea(after Abrahamovich) started out buying players from clubs all around the world and in a few years are recognized as a top team in UK and Europe... Maybe if Man City plan their buy properly n instead of looking at big name signings n if they try to improve th squad honestly, then there's every chance tat they'll play in Europe in 4-5 years... there's a lot of possibility tat this might happen...

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