Monday, 20 April 2009

Barcelona to play three friendly games in the US

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims, based upon Major League Soccer sources, that Barcelona will play three friendly games in the United States this summer (read more here).

The three pre-season matches would be played in Miami against a yet unknown opponent (end of July), in Los Angeles against LA Galaxy (Saturday 1 August) and in Seattle against Seattle Sounders (beginning of August).

With the internationals exprected to join the group at the end of July, the wole squad would travel to the US, although club sources still don't exclude that in the end the tour will go to Asia and the Middle East. In May 2008, Barcelona signed an agreement with the MLS that the club would play at least six games in the United States during the coming five years. Two of those games were already played last summer, in Chicago and New York.

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Anonymous said...

why dont they make a tour to South Africa, those people need it more than the Americans

Anonymous said...

its money and marketing issues.

Radumus said...

Cannot wait for this! Finally I get to see our boys play LIIIIVE!@!!

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