Thursday, 16 April 2009

Medical: Where is Milito?

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona central defender Gabriel Milito (28) hasn't been seen at the club's training centre since Saturday 25 March.

Although the club says that Milito is following a special recovery plan, the paper thinks that there have been complications during the recovery and that the player’s return will be postponed. It is now considered highly unlikely that Milito will play an official game with Barcelona this season. The hope would be that the Argentine will have fully recovered from his knee injury when the new pre-season starts in July.

Milito suffered a right knee injury on 29 April 2008 during the second game of the Champions League semi-finals against Manchester United last season. The predicted recovery time was then being estimated between six and nine months.

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fcbee said...

Doesn't look good for sure. He'll be more than one year out of competitive football, let's see if the club still believes in him and if he can get to his best level again.

Anonymous said...

he is D-U-N...I doubt he will ever be any great again...just hope he will be good enaugh for us to sell him and get a couple of millions back...

too bad because I liked him a lot. I wish him the best recovery and I really hope he can get his legs back even tho I don't believe it anymore.

OLALEKAN said...

pls anony,just believe milito will be useful for us.he is someone i always love.he is commited and physically strong.he may not be at his full best when he comes bach but he will be a good asset.i dont know why u are all saying we should sell him.when we did not sell messi after his long time injury,we did not even sell eto'o after having up to six month injury layoff two times in two why milito?????????????

barca4life said...

I'm afraid this may turn into a jorge andrade situation. Get well soon gabby. Thats the most important thing, get yourself healthy and worry about coming back for barca after

hieifcb said...

I liked the idea when Marquez and Milito played together..
the commentator calls them M&M =D
so Milito, get back soon!

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