Monday, 3 August 2009

Barcelona keeps insisting for Chygrynskiy

Both main Catalan sports papers claim that Barcelona is still interested in Shakhtar Donetsk defender and Ukrainian international Dmytro Chygrynskiy (22).

Despite the fact that the player won't be able to take part in this season's Champions League (read more here), Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola insists in signing the centre-back.

El Mundo Deportivo claims that Shakhtar Donetsk would have dropped their asking price from 30 to 25 million euro but that Barcelona would hold on to their previous offer of 20 million euro. Asked about Chygrynskiy, Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola told journalists last week: "There are other options too but basically they are all very complicated."

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peter said...

Oh come on. No way are we gonna buy a player that is cup tied.

But didnt Real Madrid appeal that for one of their dutchmen last season? So that he (vdv och hunter) was able to play i CL anyway...?

Anonymous said...

No. They signed 2 players in January (Diarra and Huntelaar) and you are able to include just one name on the CL roster in they tried to get them both on and failed.

Anonymous said...

Peter: I think they know that we won't have CL games when African Nations cup is held.

Anonymous said...

CL or not, Chygrynskiy would be a perfect addition to our team. Tbh, he's one of the best CBs I've seen and he would fit our style perfect.
For CL we have the more experienced Marquez, Pique and Puyol - and we could play Chygrynskiy in La Liga so he get's more experience with Barca.
If we keep asking for him we will get him for €20 mills' - but Chygrynskiy needs to pressure Shakhtar Donetsk. Imo, the €20 mill's are a little bit over the top, but the guy is very good.

Anonymous said...

I remember when the speculation of Chyhrynskiy was in initial stages reports suggested that his buy-out clause was around 20 million... So the Shakhtar kept insisting that we need to pay his buy-out clause to sign him which was 20 million. It was reported that his is 20 and Bruno Alves's buy-out is 30, but Barca would be ready to pay 15+20 for both of them if we couldn't sign Filipe Luis. But then I was shocked to see in Barca media that we were ready to pay 20 while his buy-out clause was 30!!! I'm not sure though

Anonymous said...

guys we should get chygrynskiy hes gd even if he doesnt play in the CL but he can in january coz teams can do 3 changes so he can play after that nd he also can play in the 3 other competitions so its gd 2 get him

Bogman said...

Honestly I don't think Barca has that kind of money after the transactions they made this far. Especially if another midfielder is supposed to come to. I would say it's possible splashing around 20 million euros if it's on two players. But if they spend all that on one player it would screw with the squad depth. On the other hand perhaps Guardiola want to promote some youth-players like Jeffren and Dos Santos, so the midfield spots might be filled. Plus Marquez can fill in on the defensive midfielder-position when needed. In that case it might work to spend all our money on a good central defender, like Chygrynskiy. It seems to me that Guardiola does'nt trust Henrique enough to let him be the number one back-up, which to me is a shame. I think he will grow in to the role pretty fast. At this stage last year I had some doubt about Piqué as well, and that turned out perfect. I know it's not the same thing as he already knew the club inside out, but Henrique managed to adapt pretty well to the German why would he not be able to do the same here? He has better players to practice with and more experience than last year. I think it will turn out just fine!

peter said...

Anonymous (please register and get a name guys)
Does this mean we can att Chygrinskyis name to the CL roster in january?

If not, in the late stages of the CL its not at all impossible that we will have two CBs. One injured, one suspended. And to above that have one cuptied who can't play is risky business.

I would say his price dropped at least 5M when he played the qualifier for Shaktar.

Anurag said...

The rule is that if he plays for one team in the CL, then he cannot play for another during the same season. Simple, Chyrginskiy cannot play for us in the CL even if we do sign him. If he is as good as everyone says he is, then I'm sure we will land him.

Anonymous said...

still too much money for him.
please don't buy him.
he is not worth that amount of money.

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