Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Front: El Mundo Deportivo


Interview with Dani Alves

"The group is very motivated. It's like we didn't win anything in five years time"

"This Barça will mark an era because of its ambition and its will"


Barça and Madrid competing for the title with different models

Barcelona with homegrown people and Madrid by spending 320,5 millions


Anonymous said...

Where did they get that 320.5m?

I counted 250m.

gdampeer said...

either way itz a retarded amount of money(especially for the overrated player of C.R) Los Blancos will will nvr

skanjos said...

exagerating article,madrid hasnt spent that much and we dont only rely on homegrown people.

Anonymous said...

skanjos yes I agree what an exaggeration, not a single player in our squad is a homegrown. and madrid only spent 250 millions.

Criff said...

@ Anon,
In fact we have alot of homegrown players, Valdes, Xavi, Messi, Iniesta, Bojan, Busquets, Jorquera, Puyol, Who all learned their football in La Masia.
they didnt cost us one dime, and they bleed their heart out for our team.
Thats the difference betweeen Barcas model and Reals.

Dont know about the money thing, but they have spent alot! While they are about to sell Negredo, who is an home grown player.

Anonymous said...

Criff say that to skanjos

Anonymous said...

Since they're touring in the US now they're probably talking about 320.5m $


Aussie Barca Fan said...

Perhaps the $320.5 figure could take into account bonus add on clauses like Championship wins, league appearances etc. I know we paid allot in bonuses for Dani Alves in his for season.

Madrid have just brought Xabi Alonso. Didn't his father play for Barca? Where are they going to fit all these guys? Kaka, Alonso, Sneijda, CR9, Robben, Benzema, Van Shit Roy, Raul, etc.

Last I heard there are 11 players on the field in football! Perhaps Robben will be moving to CB lol

skanjos said...

m8 we paid 50mil for ibra,last year alot for hleb/caceres/alves.barca is also a buying club.yes we promote players too but we always have been a buying club.

yes madrid is overspending,but that doesnt mean that we play only with homegrown players,we are on a good way to do so but for now we are a buyer club,next to madrid i think we spend the most money this summer(dunno about city),last year we spend the most money in the world for can live in a fantasy world that a team can play with only homegrown players but that wont make it true,other players need to be bought to cover the team ,hence we needed zlatan we got him,is zlatan our homegrown player or a wallet?

Anonymous said...

skanjos a shallow debate really, what made you think that we don't already know we buy players, but that is not what the cover says, it says that in comparison to Madrid, we are homegrown and they are a wallet, the base of our team is homegrown, and most of Madrid team is bought, you exaggerated in reacting to the title just for the sack of it. at the start of every game, count the players that came through the youth system in the two starting line-ups and let's know how many teams we meet rely on more homegrown players than us. by the way, Mallorca are so weak to be counted.

skanjos said...

homegrown team is bilbao m8,i still think this article is crap to throw dirt at madrid like their AS is doing,we shouldnt use cheap tactics like this,we arent madrid and we are more than a club.its all newspaper businness ,they want to sell

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