Friday, 7 August 2009

Future of Jeffren to be resolved in coming days

Asked about the rumours linking Barcelona Atlètic wing attacker Jeffren Suárez (21) with a loan move to Racing Santander (read more here), Racing president Francisco Pernía has said at a press conference that Barcelona will make a decision in the coming days:

"We are in contact with Barcelona and we have agreed a date on which we will know the final decision. We will find out more about the future of Jeffren on 9 or 10 August, when they have decided what will happen. It's a very interesting player although it seems some other clubs think the same."

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poli malo said...

Seems like everything will depend on Mata: if Mata comes, Jeffren will stay. If Mata doesn't come, Jeffren will leave.

fcbee said...

I don't know about him. He definitely has some skills but he still steems very unpolished which is strange at his age.

ViCulé said...

@poli malo
Did you mean if Mata comes, he leaves and if Mata doesn't come he stays? That makes more sense in my head. haha

Just loan him out though. If Bojan got limited play last season, I don't see Jeffren getting much himself this year.

poli malo said...

Yeah, sorry. (lol) Thanks for the correction, ViCulé!

Training with the big guys nevertheless can be good. Maybe that will be the impulse he need to make that step up. He seems to have the talent but he should mature some more.

ViCulé said...

You make a good point. You never know how much play they can get though considering they have a long season ahead of them. He is good though, no doubt there. I just rather see Mata in the azulgrana I guess

trez said...

If he goes out on loan, be sure he'll play. It's better to train with Barcelona than to train with for example Racing. But it's probably (although good point by poli malo) better to play with Santander than to sit on the bench with Barcelona.

I think last season was for example kind of a "lost year" for Pedro. If he would have gone out on loan (and played there), he could have made more progress.

HOSNI said...

I hate valencia they are making life difficult for everyone , instead of giving a final YES or a NO, they play with everyone and finally say NO after rounds of negociations. all that in the goal to show to all valencians that the new president is THE BOSS and that he is doing his job correctly ,that gives him more legitimity in the eyes of valencia fans

HOSNI said...

I HEARD that they dont want to sell MATA and that they prefer to sell SILVA instead

clive said...

keep him of course. Barca needs to compete in 6 competitions next season... and his scoring ability has already shown to us in these few friendlies. Will be a good sub of Iniesta, Messi or Bojan.

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