Thursday, 6 August 2009

Actress Eva Longoria offers herself to Barcelona

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that American actress Eva Longoria, most known for her role in the television series Desperate Housewives, has offered to become an ambassador for Barcelona in the United States.

Longoria became a Barcelona fan through Barcelona player Thierry Henry, a close friend of the actress' husband, French basketball player Tony Parker.

The actress, who has visited the Barcelona squad during the tour, would now have offered to become the image of Barcelona in the US, something that could open the door for sponshorship deals with American companies, usually nor very interested in football.

Barcelona would also be thinking about linking up with former football player Mia Hamm to reach out to American women. Barcelona officials would already have had informal contacts with the women's soccer icon and they would think Hamm would be perfect for a role as ambassador.

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sho said...

Maths 101

Sho=Barcelona (from today)

So, Eva offers herself to Barcelona (sho)

So, Eva offers her to Sho.

Aint I lucky?


Anonymous said...

this has to be the most retarded and disgusting article i have ever read on this blog, or ever in barcelona in general.

first this chatter about microsoft, now some ridiculous american actress being our spokesperson. makes me sick

i hope this is nothing but rumor

- blaugranaboy

Sílvia said...


It might be good for the boat from a marketing point of view, although I do not know if it really is a fan of our club.

We hope in
With GOOGLE translator!!!


Anonymous said...

people take things way too serious
she can offer herself to whomever she wants:)

Anonymous said...

blaugranaboy: What's wrong with Eva? She's an amazing woman. She and Mia would be good ambassadors to the US. And there's nothing wrong with being sponsored by Microsoft.

BarcaFan(BiH) said...

If Barcelona's marketing staff can turn these two girls into useful individuals to promote our brand in the US, I say why not? The bigger the Barcelona brand in the US and anywhere in the world, the better for Barcelona.
I like this whole idea of expanding the market. The more we put our brand out the more income it will generate. I like the way the Barcelona hierarchy are expanding the brand of Barcelona globally. Very intelligent and very healthy for the long term future of the club.

Sune said...

Shes a big hit in the US, especially with the latino population that constitute most of the football fans in US

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong with being sponsored by microsoft? microsoft is full of vultures!! i hate it. google all the way. and im in the IT field, so i know a lot about these companies, its not just personal whims

Anonymous said...

Every company is full of vultures. That's just the way capitalism works. Unfortunate, but true. You think Audi isn't full of vultures? Or Estrella Damm? Companies are founded to make money.

SUPERanonymous said...

Yeah baby thats what im talking about. She offers herself to barcelona, well I'm a socio and I want my share. And your share too.

LeónDragón said...

agree a 1000% with blaugranaboy about this eva longoria nonsens and the microsoft-bs.
there are many voltures out there, but don't think we must do business with all of them, even not with one of most controversial like the microsoft-bandits

Dolce said...

She is almost as pretty as my mother in the 80s...

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