Saturday, 8 August 2009

Barça B - Friendly 1: Tona-Barcelona 0-2

Masip (45 Miño)

Sobregrau (45 Montoya)
Iván Benítez
Espasandín (45 Polaco)

Ilie (45 José Luis)
Rueda (45 Maestre)
Luque (45 Thiago)

Rochina (45 Nolito)
Benja (45 Soriano)
Gai (45 Edu Oriol)

9 Rueda 0-1
15 Rochina 0-2


Tona will play in the Spanish sixth division, Barcelona Atlétic plays in the Spanish third division.



El Fuego said...

is correct gai or gay

Anonymous said...

its Gai.

fcbee said...

It's both, I guess. It's orignally in hebrew so you write it how you like.

Anonymous said...

i prefer Gai, Gay.. not realy good surename..

Dan R said...

Most of the "Gai's" in Israel write it "Guy"... but in Spanish it makes it sound like Jai, you know... the same way they say Jugar or Alfajores, so it's Gai

Anonymous said...

apparently the second goal was created by a brilliant move by gai...

pep it would great if you could add a video to these, that is if there are any ofcourse...

Anonymous said...

Haven't watched the game yet, but judging from the names it seems to me that Eurique used a 4-4-2 formation instead of 4-3-3...

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