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[2008] Messi can stay at Olympics

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Upon arrival in Barcelona, Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain and Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola have announced at a press conference that Barcelona won't ask Lionel Messi to return from the Olympic Games in Beijing (read more here).

Barcelona came to an agreement with the Argentinian football association (AFA) that includes that AFA will pay an insurance in case Messi gets injured and that Messi won't have to play any friendly matches with his national team next season.

Guardiola, who talked with Messi before taking the final decision, said that this was the best option: "Having listened to the wishes of the player, we thought that the best solution is that he participates in the Games. I hope that he doesn't get injured and that he returns with a gold medal."

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one year ago, readers said...

mike said...

Thank you! Best decision they've made yet... this surley would have damaged the club's relationship with Messi if they made him come back.

Anonymous said...

this is very good decision, so the club and player will have better relationship. And messi scored in hes first game in olimpjcs which is nice.

Kxevin said...

Of course he can. As predicted, the club claims the moral victory, then acts benevolent. Win/win.

Anonymous said...

glad for barca.

Abdikarim said...

Thank you !!!!! this will increase his form, because if he comes back with gold medal then he might even play better for the club because he then wants to win the football player of the year..... i am soo gald he is not coming back VIVA BARCA

Marc said...

good.. when he comes back with a muscle tear in his thigh AGAIN...abdikarim bet you wont be so happy then.

Abdikarim said...

Marc... even if he was with barca he could get injuryed man if meant to be it will happend weather he is with barca or his counrty team , but i hope not that this happends to him he suffered enough from injuries already man

Steven Tsui said...

"Messi won't have to play any friendly matches with his national team next season."

That's great!

groga said...

I agree, Steven, good piece of negiotiating from Barcelona. Can be important to get him some rest. Very original too. Werder Bremen and Schalke 04 have also the insurance thing but I don't think they have agreed "no friendlies" with the Brazilian federation (correct me if that's wrong).

cojonudo said...

Really what other option was there for Barcelona? Had they dug their heels in and demanded Messi return from China Laporta and Txivi would have been crucified in the media. So really this was their only decision they could take.

Adding the "no friendlies" clause also gives the impression that both parties were able to do a little "give and take" while allowing them to save face in the process and avoid further media scrutiny. Great "PR" move.

Subhashis said...

yes, cojonudo.they cud easily have called messi back.

My respect for the club increases more..this is a great gesture by barca.and alo by other clubs who allowed their players to stay with their national teams in olympic.

Clubs shud always look after the players, and value the players opinions, because it is the players who bring glory to the clubs.

great decision, both party happy.

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