Friday, 7 August 2009

Decisive day for transfer of Mata

With a meeting between Juan Manuel Mata, the father and agent of Valencia left wing attacker and Spanish international Juan Mata (21), coming up later today, this Friday is expected to be a decisive day for a possible transfer of Mata to Barcelona (read more here).

Valencia regional newspaper Las Provincias claims that, if the player and the club won't be able to find an agreement on a contract renewal, Mata will ask the club for a transfer. All media agree that Barcelona will make a bid of 18 million euro° today and that Valencia president Llorente would have promised Juan Manuel Mata to let the Spanish attacker leave for that sum.

Spanish radio station
Radio Marca claims that Valencia will accept to sell Mata. The club would still have to pay 15 per cent of the players' salaries from last season and would therefore be forced to sell one of their top player this summer. Barcelona is reported to be willing to make a bid of more than 20 million euro°.

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pep said...

20 million euro =

29 million us dollar
17 million british pound

Anonymous said...

Silva(35m-38m) > Mata

yuti said...

We don't have the money for Silva, simple as that. You should also take into account the finances. This is no game.

Anonymous said...

"Llorente would have promised Juan Manuel Mata to let the Spanish attacker leave"

When did I hear something similar? :D

Anonymous said...

Silva's not for sale. We have money to buy him.

If we were willing to offer 20 mil for Chigrinsky and now 20 mil for Mata it means we're capable of spending around 40 milion.

Those money would be enough to sign Silva who can play as a LW and as a CM in our formation.

But I guess Pep would rather buy a CB and LW.

yuti said...

We maybe can spend 40 on two players, but not on one. So we don't have 40 for a left winger.

skanjos said...

mata is a great player and i wish we will sign him,his play reminds me of iniesta,he is 10x better than silva on the wings but silva is 10x better for AMC.i dont think valencia is willing to let silva go(like villa),so mata would be a great transfer.

i would prefer silva only for the amc position to rotate with xavi and play left wing some times,but it seems imposible to get(if man utd with the cash of ronaldo couldnt get him,we sure cant).
i believe next year villa/silva/aguero/fabregas will be hot transfer for clubs and i bet silva and fabregas will be the players we will be after,i just wish we get fabregas this summer cause next summer his price will skyrocket,and cause we need another amc this year.

JR said...

Mata would be a very good transfer. I hope we get him.

Anonymous said...

I've just read on that there is no agreement between Mata and Valencia. So there is a chance for Barca...

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