Saturday, 8 August 2009

Ferguson driven by Barca battering

Speaking to journalists ahead of Sunday's Community Shield match with Chelsea at Wembley, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson claims that last season's Champions League loss to Barcelona will drive his team to more success in the coming term:

"Adversity is always an important factor in developing and improving."

Previously skirting around the issue, Ferguson now believes that the agony of losing such an important game can be used as a major motivational tool by his team.

"When you lose the last game of the season you have two or three months to reflect on the disappointment. We have not enjoyed that. But we will cope - and we will bounce back."

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fab4barca said...

we teach them how to play football, with that they will win chelsea... i predict man utd 2-1 chelsea

Kman said...

The old fool is too arrogant! But thats accepted of him since he's English.

Angustos said...

he's not english.

doesn't mean he's not arrogant.

Anonymous said...

Manchester United were lucky . The final result could have been 4-0 for Barça !!

Anonymous said...

You are right about Ferguson not being English. Neither the managers,the owners nor the top players of the top four clubs in the EPL are English either . The EPL is English in name only !!

Mat said...

Have some respect guys.. the man has been a manager in top flight football for 36 years now..and he still has the hunger when nearing 70... just cause he was not on our side does not mean we go low down
and at least he tried to play us..not like Chelsea.. that takes a lot of guts even though he knew he was waging a loosing battle

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure Manchester United will NEVER play Barça the same way they did in the CL final . Instead the other opponents especially from the EPL will do what Liverpool,Chelsea and Manchester United usually do: park the bus . Now let's hope that Ibrahimovic lives up to the expectations as the BUS BREAKER !!

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