Thursday, 6 August 2009

[2008] Official: Crosas to Celtic

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Barcelona has yesterday officially announced a pre-agreement with Celtic Glasgow on the transfer of Barcelona midfielder Marc Crosas (20) to the Scottish champions.

Barcelona will receive a transfer fee of 500 000 euro° fixed and 900 000 euro° in variables depending on the player's appearances, qualification for the Champions League and titles won.

On the other hand, Barcelona reserves 25 per cent of the economic rights when the player is sold in the future and an option to buy him back at the end of the 2009-2010 season for two million euro°.

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one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

500 000 euro =
800 000 us dollar
400 000 british pound

900 000 euro =
1,4 million us dollar
720 000 british pound

2 million euro =
3,2 million us dollar
1,6 million british pound

Barca nerd-fan said...

That's alright, isn't it? Does that mean Barca can certainly buy him back for 2 mil in the end of the 09-10 season.

pep said...

It looks like it. I think that's probably why the fee (0,5 + 0,9) is quite low.

cojonudo said...

Best possible move for Barcelona. Allow Crosas to gain more experience and consistent playing time (hopefully) while keeping the option open of buying him back in the future. It doesn't hurt that Celtic and Barcelona have an amicable relationship either.

westinho said...

You forgot the [2008] before the headline..

pep said...

It's there now. Thx.

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