Thursday, 6 August 2009

Keita looking forward to the new season

Speaking to Catalan radio station Ona FM, Barcelona player Seydou Keita gave his first impressions on the new season:

"Pre-season is very important. After the treble, we need to work even harder because the other teams will be even more motivated to defeat us.

I understand that for a lot of people the world cup for clubs is one of the main objectives. It's very important because we didn't win it before. But every trophy is important. Winning the Champions League at the Bernabéu for example, would be worth ten trophies.

Madrid has great players but that doesn't mean they have a good team. They did some good transfers but we should look at ourselves first. If we play like last season, no doubt that we will again win trophies.

I will try to talk with my national football association so I will have to leave for the Africa Cup as late as possible. But Barça has good players for midfield and that month will pass quickly. But I understand that Barça wants to strengthen the midfield positions."

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