Saturday, 8 August 2009

Barcelona sad because of departure Salgado

I'm happy that Eto'o has left, because he was a nightmare for me.

We at Barça on the other hand, are totally devastated with the departure of Salgado because he was an easy victim for us.

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LeónDragón said...

disagree, even if this is a joke.
had respect of salgado, as he had a time, he was one of the best right-backs in the world.
had also respect for him as a person, as he never said any negative things about barca.
with players like him going and others surely following, real seems slowly to lose their identity and falling back into the dark times of perez brought back

Leo10 said...

Hey Pep, i was wondering if you could help me out, im looking to download the Torrent of 'Barcelona 2008-09 Season Review' in English, any idea where i could find this?

Marc4barca said...

most barca fans have blasted real madrid for living in the past when the present isn't looking to bright. like you said salgado WAS good but for a long time now he has been a weak link and was destroyed by anyone and i know no barca fan can sit down and say i'm glad salgado is leaving or salgado is replacing ramos for this match so nothing would change. he was great no doubt but he is clearly easy pickings right now.

i think real madrid lost their identity since 2002 when they last won the cl, from then on it has been boring football grinding out results. i just got the feeling it would be no different this season.

James said...

Actually just search Google, it's like the first link.

Anonymous said...

in the word of didier drogba : disgrace

Anonymous said...

Barca 2008-09 Season Review

Anonymous said...






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