Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Barcelona's wage structure

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona's wage scale has six levels:






Víctor Sánchez


Joan said...

where is maxwell?

mike said...

Where is Abidal?

pep said...

Not all are mentioned, they just give an indication.

Guess Maxwell and Abidal (and other foreigners like Gudjohnsen) are in D.

refter said...

Henry shouldn't be up there, he should get less than Xavi and Iniesta. And Gudjohnsen should be in group E, like Keita. Pique should move up to group D soon.

peter said...

Gudjohnsen has a PRETTY high wage if im not mistaking Remember hes still on the same contract we bought him from chelsea we're he was one of ther leading players. I think his wage is 6.5M.

groga said...

Hleb was also in D then, I guess. Or D+.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Henry is worth every cent and more. He has given allot to this team. He has a winning mentality, he works very hard and he gives great advice to players like Bojan and Messi.

He is a leader and a champion and brings many other players into the game. He should be on par with Ibra and I hope he stays for longer.

FCBL said...

Henry is on that wage because he came as a "crack", a superstar. His first season was disappointing and now he is 32 yrs. But he showed great play last season and could have scored as many goals as Eto'o if he played as a striker.

Anonymous said...

@ Aussie Barca Fan

I'm also a fan of Henry, but tbh he was much better a couple of years ago. If we would have the 2004/5 Henry - wow! Byt atm he does a good job played out of position (good if you compare him to the abosolut top players, but he still is a fantastic player).
This wage structure is of course also based on how our players marketing value is. Even if I belive that Yaya is at least as important to the team as Henry or Ibra - he just doesn't sell as many jerseys or have the same value for lets say Nike.

djoef said...

Henry is a good squad player but nothing more. He's not a decisive player like Messi, Xavi or Iniesta. And hopefully Zlatan from now on.

Must be frustrating for Xavi and Iniesta to know that he gets paid more not because of his performances on the pitch but because of his Arsenal reputation.

Same for Guddy, how can he get more than someone like Piqué? Of course he's not leaving, with such a salary...

Manolo said...

Will Muniesa be promoted this year?
If we don't sign a new centreback we should promote him.

He impressed more on me than Henrique and Muniesa is younger and they have played around the same time in the A squad.

fcbee said...

Muniesa would be a risk because he didn't even play with Barcelona Atlètic, so from the youth teams directly to the first team seems a very big step. But he's indeed impressive.

Anonymous said...

Henry probably bring more revenue for the club than Iniesta in terms of marketing, so Henry earns back his wage to the club to a larger extent.

djoef said...

We're not that kind of club... We're not based on shirt sellers, that's a madridista policy. And the fairytale of getting revenues back just is that: a fairytale.

Milo said...

Henry is also our best striker on paper and the only one who is in the Champions League top-player/scorer statistics.

He's the third all-time scorer there. He's aging, but would you expect him to have signed a contract that diminishes his earnings every year?

Besides, when he came he WAS Arsenal. It was natural that he'd have a high salary.

Mido said...

Pique in group E?we should upgrade his contract i understand when he came from manutd he was only a backup option but now he is a starter we should upgrade him

fcb_india said...

i can't believe xavi and iniesta getting less than henry.... and i think the foreigners have to pay less taxes than Spanish players.. or is it after reducing the taxes...

barca-a-a-a said...

Damn, Henry is overpaid. Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Touré, Alves, they are all far more important for the team. Pique should get a rise, totally agreed!

fcbee said...

I think the rule is (and it started when Beckham arrived in madird) that foreigners pay only 25% of taxes during their first five years in Spain. While Spaniards pay up to (don't know for sure) 45-50%.

blaugrana_uk said...

to all those who say we are not a shirt selling club well i say nonsense i agree we are not like a madridista style shirt selling club whereby you have to get the best players or the ones with the most profile in order to sell shirts etc cos we make the stars of tomorrow an then sell the shirts that way!!, where im from in england i see nearly every kid in town with a barca shirt on either with a players name messi, ronaldinho etc or just the clubs shirt, im no kid im 25 but i evn own alot of barca shirts as well as west ham shirts which is my team aswell as barca, barcas image is huge and of you ask any kid in england who there second favourite team is besides their english one 9/10 will say barca cos barca are the liverpool of spain here in england so we do sell shirts on a massive scale!!

Nicke Nyfiken said...

Henry, Keita, Puyol are overpaid, otherwise I think it seems fine. Maybe Pique should go up one step, as he rotated with the other two last season and in the end played a good season

groga said...

Selling shirts is not our core. We just we are who we are and if that leads to selling shirts, the better. If not, though luck. We don't need players to sell shirts, we need a club that sells shirts.

Anonymous said...

what's the wage of bojan can some1 tell me?

Stas said...

D and C should def be consolidated, 3 out of D are homegrown, and um...their names are Xavi, Iniesta and Puyol..and Alves seem like a permanent cule, best signing in recent years. the only reason that i see for separation is the difference in salaries between stkr-mid-def. but in our case, we should still consolidate.

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