Friday, 7 August 2009

Jorquera close to joining Cadiz

Catalan sports paper El 9 Esportiu claims that Barcelona goalkeeper Albert Jorquera (30) is close to joining Spanish second division club Cádiz.

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola would have talked with Jorquera at the end of last season to inform him that he wanted to work with only two goalkeepers and that the Catalan had to leave (read more here).

The player's agent Arturo Canales would since that day have listened to offers and would now be working on a deal with Spanish second divison club Cádiz. Jorquera, who reportedly didn't receive any offers from first division clubs, would have decided to accept the offer of Cádiz.

The Catalan goalkeeper would nevertheless only wanting to sign for one year, hoping that he can go to a better club next year, and under the condition that Barcelona rescinds his contract, so he can leave for free. It is believed that Barcelona will put an end to the deal with Jorquera when the team returns from the United States.

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Iason said...

I just got back from watching Real Madrid's trainig session wearing my Barca jersey. More people wanted to give me high fives and hand shakes than trying to harras me! The team was split into two and played again each other and Ronaldo's team lost to Kaka's team 5 or 6-1. I would like to post some of the better pictures here that I took. Pep, can you give me your e-mail so I can send you the picures?

Stigsby said...

fcbtransfers[a] is the way mate!

Wohoo back from London (althought yet another tutorprogram starts up now).. I'll make sure to upload abit of Barca video from Wembley cup soon, including abit of Crosas.

buj said...

Iason, only 2 things comes to mind. Either they think you're a traitor or you have great big balls going to a Madrid training session wearing a Barca jersey AND taking pictures.

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