Saturday, 8 August 2009

Sergi: "I want them to enjoy playing football"

Barcelona Juvenil B coach Sergi Barjuan was interviewed by Barcelona's official website.

How come you became the coach of Juvenil B team?

I received a call from a director of the football base, Alexanko and we agreed that I could take over the reins of this youth team. We spent one week to get a first impression of what it takes to become a coach. I’m already acquainted with the dynamics and functions of the football base here so it’ll be easier for me to adapt to it.

Is the objective to get new "Sergi's"?
I don’t know about that. The first day I came I met Olmo who was also the reference of his era, training players and trying to make them better. I will also try to help the kids and most importantly I want them to enjoy playing football. It is also important that they mature on the personal and human level while progressing through the youth system. This is also something we'll try to achieve.

What kind of a coach will Sergi be?
We need to know people on a personal level as well, hence I’ll strive to develop a good rapport with the kids. I'll try to help them solve issues even if they are beyond football. I want a relationship based on trust, like a family.

Do you think you arrived at the best time of the cantera?

I think a good cantera takes around 20 years of careful development. You have to nourish that kind of approach, go step by step and now we can reap the fruits of our work. Titles aren’t the most important thing, our goal is also to promote as many players to the first team as possible. You can see that many youngsters who have gone through the youth system make a living playing football and some have become coaches.

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