Thursday, 6 August 2009

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Discussion in Seattle on three active fronts

He's the main objective and Barcelona will try everything

After being eliminated in the Champions League, the option is reactivated today

Tomorrow, meeting between his father and Valencia

Ibra: "I would never have signed for Madrid"


Mido said...

I hope we can get mashce and Chygrynskiy whom we really should buy either now or next year and mashcerano is the best dmf in the world imagine midfield consisting of mashce_xavi_iniesta but I really dont think benetiz will leave him even for 45m eurosbut we should put pressure on them and the guy wants to play for us(lets do the same alonso madeto go to madrid)

Zeli said...

look for Chygri here -
not so good match for him or is it his real level? As for mу, 22 mil is very high price for such player...

Anonymous said...

Chygrynsky is a clown! Look how slow and clumsy he is! How can we even pay 5m for this guy! What are our transfer staff thinking with Caceres, Hleb, Henrique, Milito, and now paying crazy money again for a bad player. Pep is stupid regarding transfers and Txiki should be sacked.

fcbee said...

As long as they win trophies and do'nt get into debts I don't mind who they buy. But it's a fact that we have a small squad these days because we made some serious (expensive) transfer mistakes last summer. If caceres and Hleb would have been a hit, we would be almost ready for the new season now.

Anonymous said...

we should sign Vertonghen

Mido said...

Zeli:when I watched these hilights he looked like a clown he is slow and cant move I agree it will be silly to pay even 15m for him when I said we should sign him I ve never seen him but pep want him as if he is the best defender in the world dont know if this is his performance but if this is his perf he will turn to caceres no2(butfor 22m)and we will end up selling him for 5m dont know why we cant give another time to caceres_Henrique_fontas_muniesa_botia when he returns from loan I think pep find CB position as adanger position so he always wants Cbs from other teams

Zeli said...

2 Mido: yes...we don't know what happens in team..and after treble everyone believe in i even wouldn't like to think who will be the next newby or maybe nobody'll come to squad - nothing depends on us, guys;)...anyway, for me, all this rumors show how much money Barca has and due to this FACT i believe in bright future))...

Areign said...

lol @ibra's statement. i feel like he read a how to win over cules book like 2 days ago. because i feel like hed gota madrid if they had bid for him., but they didnt so he would never go to madrid.

peter said...

Mata? Maybe. But Pedro & Jeffren have impressed during preseason. Still - he could be an asset, maybe he can play offensive midfield together with xavi sawell?

Chyg? No way. Promote someone, keep henrique.

Mascherano. WAY to expensive. Maybe if we get him for 25M. Otherwise get Moutinho or something.

Zeli said...

Great, peter)

I don't understand why is Txiki still working with Barca if everyone on this site know what to do?

Guys, it isn't football's quite more difficult;))

Believe it, plizzzzz

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