Saturday, 8 August 2009

Zaragoza interested in Henrique loan

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona central defender Henrique Adriano Buss (22) could again leave on loan this season (read more here).

Barcelona still believes in the Brazilian defender but with Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola having asked for another centre-back, Henrique could get very little playing time.

After a loan to German club Bayer Leverkusen last season, Barcelona could therefore decide to loan Henrique out for another season, this time to a Spanish first division club. Zaragoza would be one of the clubs that have shown the most interest.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe this. Why on earth do the club buy players like Hleb, Cacéres, Keirrison & Henrique?

Yeah I understand why Keirrison is on loan but why do the club want to send Henrique, Cacéres & Hleb on loan?

Hleb is 29 or 30 years next year I don't know why we send him on loann. They should sell him for 5M euro.

Pretty funny that my WORD verification is barca :)

noder said...

Anony, the board are acting smart, they send Hleb on loan to save his salary 4m, if they'd sell him 5m we couldn't get the maximum of his transfer, i mean if hleb plays well Stutgart will pay more.

Anonymous said...

But I was watching Stuttgart yesterday and Hleb played very bad.

Barca nerd-fan said...

We don't need another fliping defender!!! Next year we can count mostly on Puyol, Marquez and Pique with Henrique and Milito behind them. We also have Muniesa and Fontas as back up!!! A CM should be our priority. We should have definitely went for Melo before he joined Juventus. Granero and Gourcuff waere also great options before they joined Real and Bordeux. Now with Cesc being too expensive we should go for Veloso, Arteta or Moutinho. Veloso can play as CM, DM and even CB and is believed to cost 10-16 million euros therefore is the best option. He has great skill and is a great passer. He is also an expert at freekciks and longshots. Arteta and Moutinho are both playmakers who can also score goals. I believe they are the best options since the traansfer of Cesc is unlikely. Guddy can only be sold if a quality CM comes in(because Hleb left on loan). If we bought a good CM and sold Guddy, then we should promote Thiago or Jonathan Dos Santos. Also, we should definitely buy back Crosas next year for 2 mil. Mata would be a great signing if the deal is around 20mil or under. Mata's transfer should come after the transfer of a CM.

Anonymous said...

i'm sad for henrique. he so wanted to come but i guess he doesnt quite cut it yet.


Dan R said...

I think this will be great for him.
Remember, Pique also played on loan with Zaragoza when he was a red devil, and it proved to have given him much needed La Liga experience

Anonymous said...

Dan R: Henrique is older than Pique though. Henrique should be ready at the age of 23.

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