Saturday, 23 May 2009

Barcelona willing to pay Forlan's buyout clause

Spanish television channel Intereconomía TV claims that Barcelona wants to sign Atlético Madrid forward and Uruguay international Diego Forlán (29) in the summer (read more here).

If needed, Barcelona would be willing to pay the 36 million euro° buyout clause of the Uruguayan striker.

It's unclear what a possible transfer would mean for the future of Barcelona forward Samuel Eto'o, who wants to continue at Barcelona next season. Manchester City, Liverpool and Real Madrid are also said to be interested in Forlán.

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pep said...

36 million euro =

48 million us dollar
33 million british pound

Anonymous said...

Typical Barcelona transfer. Paying huge money for a 30 year old striker. We paid 36m euros for Milito and Caceres (from Zaragoza and Villarreal) as well. Will this be as successful?

per said...

Can't see what was so wrong with the Milito-transfer. He's a great player. That he got injured for a year can't really be blamed on him or Barça.

Anonymous said...

Obvioulsy Forlan's having such a great season, but 36 million for him (and on his age) is a pure madness.

Nerre Barca said...

the only player id swap with eto'o is zlatan. Forlan is no way better then eto'o, eto'o runs like hell all over the pitch. Caceres is not a bad buy, i really think someday he will be very good, but he is not used to play 4-3-3. Pique is not that good but his good at reading the game thats why his always a the right place at the right time. As soon as Caceres learns how to read the game better and position himself better he will be great. just wait and se guys!!

raidall said...

yeah i agree what nerre barca said if we want another cf then there is only one man who has something more than eto'o and that is zlatan.

forlan is not better than eto'o even david villa is not better.
they all play the same way have the same talent, but zlatan has a little bit more he is a example of the players from the last generation

let me tell you why he is a little bit better then the other forwards: many cf can reived the ball outside the penalty box and just turn with it and score from that long distance? many of them don't need an assist to score a goal? many can go to the midfield to get the ball and then give a assist or just pass all the defenders and score a goal?

if you watch central forwards of this generation compared with the last generation you can see a huge differenz, they need someone to score, they are taller, stronger, and they cannot receive the ball at midfield and pass 3 or 4 defenders and score a goal.

if the midfielders are off they are of too. and that's why i will always say the cf from this generation needs to learn a lot from the central forwards from the last generation , players like ronaldo,romario,inzhagi,hernan crespo,van nistelrooy,kluivert,rivaldo. they are short but very flexible.

the only players from this generation who are playing like them are torres and zlatan.

have you noticed that brazil has no better cf after ronaldo, romario, cuz fabiano or pato or wagner love they play very different.

take your time and think about what i just wrote here


skanjos said...

i dont agree raidal i have seen eto go to our corner to mark an opponent player,he always puts pressure on the other team,he can be selfish many times but he is also a team player and doesnt have a weak point(he is good with the ball on feet,on air,is fast,has good ball control,great first touch)thats what a striker needs,there are other players out there that would fit to our team,benzema is one of them,pato is another one,and offcourse zlatan.

you are right on one thing ,football has moved to the midfield ,the team with the best midfield wins now mostly cause teams now play 4-3-3 "4-5-1 while defending" .its not that the strikers arent that good now,its that the best teams play with 1 infront and alot of support to be more carefull.

anyway on topic ,its crappy rumor if it was to pay such a sum it would be for a worldclass player and the potm(player of the month)

Marc4barca said...

@skanjos- it's true eto goes and defend and he definietely is a team player but he surely doen't have any control, i wonder what games your watching and he ain't good with the ball in air neither but he is always at right place the right time when space is available. You also said teams now play 4-3-3 and 4-5-1, only teams that plays 4-3-3 is barca(all the time), atletico, manu and chelsea and inter from time to time but not regularly, but usually play 4-4-2 which leads to another wrong point you made about best teams playing only 1 infront, real madrid, chelsea, manu, inter, juvetus, liverpool(will do it again when they sign another striker), ac milan and i could go on. only major teams that play with one forward right now is liverpool and barcelona. 4-5-1 is used only against barcelona from the big clubs. i won't genrally say football is a midfield battle, i stick to the fact that fottball remains battle between two sides attack, midfield and defence and goalkeeper, when one of these zone lines play bad a game will be always difficult depending on the opponent.

Anonymous said...

-yes to aguero
-yes to zlatan (no to his buyout clause)
-yes to swap eto'o for zlatan
-no to swap eto'o + cash for anyone
-no to forlan (because he is too old)
-yes to forlan (and eto'o stays) for 18 mio euro (no cent more)
-no to two cf and a different formation
-yes to villa for max. 28 mio euro
-yes to swap eto'o for villa

Manolo said...

NO plz NO!

He's a good striker, surely but he's to old and wil he settle in Barça?

I don't think he will reach this form in Barça,So no!
And for that kind of money we can get someone else

barSELOna said...

Nick , plz dont put the everynews anymore :)
This is such a stupid news , impossible

rahul said...

i dont agree tht there arent many class trikers like ronaldo, romaria, kluivert. torres, aguero, higuain, zlatan, etoo, forlan, rooney for i know he nows plays on teh left bt he is CF. bt i do agree tht cf frm brazil r nt there like class players. its nothing like wt brazil squad used to be formidable! i think teh main reason is teh wild party culture this destroying teh talents eg: adriano if tht guy had nt done all this shit n fucked his life he wud been one of teh greatest strikers.

Anonymous said...

Everytime i see a forlan post I wish it said KUN AGUERO for 36 mil euro. El Kun is a prodigy, he is only 20 years old and is already killin it. Forlan will soon be past it. What we do best is develop young talent into "freakishly" good players, that much is undeniable.

Anonymous said...

buy cristiano ronaldo for striker

memo said...

this post is crap! forlan is the most overrated douchebag in la liga! we bought Henry, but hes a legend, not some over the hill, gonna be past his prime next year vagina like forlan. he becomes big vs small opponents.

lets see him score a hat trick on a real team! he cant! pass on this joker, and this RUMOR that will NEVER happen!

Txiki said...

memo, forlan has scored 31 goals in la liga this season, hardly crap and over-rated besides one of the teams he scored against was barca so you are saying that barca is a small team?
Ibrahimovic however is over-rated I would much rather have forlan than him.

Barcelonism said...

Just give henry a try as CF next season.

. Its his original position.

. he already got used to barca game.

. one of the best in taking over defenders with his fast acceleration and speed.

. watch all the work that he does on the left side, attacking & defending, he goes back and help defenders more than messi & etoo (which shows that the guy has more fuel left for 1 or 2 seasons).

. He scores alot of goals and its not even his position.

. Highly motivated. we can see he always wants to give more to the fans.

. Just remember when he was with Arsenal, i think he can do it again..

i dont know how would that happen, cuz we got etoo, who is one of the best strikers in the world.
but i would really love to see Titi play in his original position.

what do u think guys??

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