Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Athletic Bilbao striker Llorente is on the list

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Athletic Bilbao forward and Spanish international Fernando Llorente (23) is on Barcelona's transfer target list (read more here).

The Basque striker, whose contract with Athletic expires in 2011, would be one of the preferred options of Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain.

Llorente, who is being followed by several European top clubs some of which already sounded out Athletic, has a buyout clause of 30 million euro°, which would be a price Barcelona is willing to pay.

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pep said...

30 million euro =

40 million us dollar
27 million british pound

Scano814 said...

I think llorente or dzeko should be our priority for next year. Henry or Eto'o should go. A rotation b/w Llorente/Henry/Bojan at CF and Henry/Bojan at LF would be good for everyone. This way we also can bleed Gai assulin in at LF a bit...

Forwards for next year should be:
Llorrente/Dzeko + Henry + Bojan + Messi + Gai/Pedro

this has versatility and will allow everyone some fair time to shine and mature. We also know Iniesta can cover (aka excel!) on LF if need be but he shld focus on midfield.

Honestly, we need to either fill our CF or LF position but not both because we will stiffle our other players. I think we should focus on CF.

If we go for a LF I say Ribery or bust... RVP doesnt fit the bill for me, aguero and silva are too expensive for what we will get versus what our squad already provides. Ribery just has that magical star quality that the others don't possess IMO.

In summary, we need Eto'o to leave (or Henry) and replace with Dzeko or Llorente. Ibra is a very expensive option but would be very good...but I don't want to get into that right now...

hawk_barca_4_life said...

Edin Dzeko(23) 6ft 3inch tall-scored 21 goals i think is a good prospect 4m wolfsburg

tall , good 4 areial threat , has pace stregnth overall he is good already milan and juventus r after him could add another dimension to our attack
last week he scored hattick

hawk_barca_4_life said...

just check his goal tally --Edin Dzeko

in 2007/08 he scored 8 goals 4m 17 starts

in 2008/09
in bundesliga he has scored 25 goals 4m 28 starts
in there cup he started 4 1 game & scored 4 goals

LeónDragón said...

...llorente all the time...don't know why they always after him...don't understand it...whenever i saw him at bilbao or in spanish team he was a totally it because we have to bring lemminglike new ezquerros or new larssons or is really any good on him that i don't saw...sometimes i think barcaboard is having fun on our costs doing such in tthe past...motta,abelardo,alfonso...or now gudjohnsen,sylvinho,caceres,hleb...adebayor (chewbacca),llorente,RVP,negredo or other freaks...have faith,but it makes me angry not concentrating on some names like silva,villa,ribery,etc...

SimonP said...

All the rumours about players like Llorente and Adebayor is because Pep want a big striker, a classic number 9 in a 4-3-3. You can see why we need it when we face teams like Chelsea.

And why are you talking shit about Larsson? He was great, Motta wasn't a hit but he clearly have qualities.. He's one of the most important players at Genoa (5th in Serie A).

A team can't be 25 stars, there have to be some squadplayers, some talented youngsters and some that provide the much needed experience. This isn't Football Manger Léon.

per said...

Larsson is a hero.

Jacob said...


of course now everyone wants to jump on the Edin Dzeko wagon.

I mentioned this guy back right before our UEFA 2nd leg with Bayern Munich; when he alone demolished their defense the weekend right before our match.

He was unstoppable then and he is unstoppable NOW! Himself and Grafite are amazing right now. Between them both they have 51 goals and 11 assists. Grant it Grafite played 6more games than E.Dzeko's 24.

Its been stated that E.Dzeko wants to play Italy, like AC Milan and EPL already has offers up the wazooo. One being; he will replace Adebayor in Arsenal.

I highly doubt he will come to Barca.

LeónDragón said...

...who said larsson is shit...said that you don't need to search another larsson,because,for me,i understood that he's unique,so get that!!!!!...only thing is that i can't hear anymore about new larssons,new ezquerros,etc...i agree a 100% that we need a physically strong striker,with breaking forces,by technic or by manpower,whatever...but llorente?...that can't be serious...but,i'm open for getting proved wrong...

LeónDragón said... manager?stars?...i didn't understood that you need only stars,I KNOW IT!!!!!'s funny that you try to teach me 'bout any...but i can't laugh on that...also sorry to say that...but after many comments from you,i even don't take you serious...

kamikaze kontiki said...

We need him for back-up, not as our main striker. 30 mill is too much !

Except for that, he seems the right option to me.

barca nike said...

he is excellent he will fit the bill

rahul said...

llorente wud be a gr8 signing. he is young n can grow n he has a lot of potential of wt i have seen. i hope barca sign him. bt ya 30 m too much i think 12 - 16m at most. he can surly provide barca's attack a new dimension wit his excellent heading n long rang abilities.

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