Thursday, 21 May 2009

Barcelona's last supper

After yesterday's training session, the whole squad and the staff, including the wives and girlfriends of some players, went out for a dinner at 9:30 pm in the Solo restaurant in the heart of the city of Barcelona. On the pictures, Guardiola arrives with David and José Muñoz from Catalan rock band Estopa. Gudjohnsen and Piqué were the last two leave at 4:20 am.

more pictures here and here


Harshawardhan said...

pep, why last supper?
maybe last supper of the season..

Julian said...

What a classic photo! It's hard to tell who is the rockstar.

Anonymous said...

pep is one bad ass motherfucker!!he doesnt bring his family no no he comes with the rock band!

pep said...

Let's say last group supper before the Rome final, Harsh.

But actually I just needed a post title that sounded well... ;)

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" don't warry about him

ElovesBarca said...

This rock band came to watch Barca game against Sevilla in Camp Nou few weeks ago...... Pep has many friends from different field.

Carrer de Corsega said...

Dammit, I wish I could see the team like that. I've never seen them together outside Camp Nou.

I've seen Ronaldinho at Solo, but again I saw that guy at clubs more often than I saw him on the pitch last year! Literally! I saw him at Solo, Thursdays at Sutton, Tuesdays at UP&DOWN (once hanging out with Marc Gasol), Mirabe, Shoko, etc.

One night he would buy 30 bottles of champagne, another night he would just show up for 10 minutes, pick out two girls, and put them in his Hummer and leave.

I'm glad those days are over; I prefer team unity like this.

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