Thursday, 21 May 2009

Quote of the day: Pique

In 2006, I was at the stadium in Paris with the Arsenal fans because I got tickets from Cesc. So when Belletti scored I couldn't jump because I still had to get out there alive. I had to celebrate it in silence.

Gerard Piqué, Barcelona player


pep said...

Ferguson on Piqué:

"I have always liked the boy. I did expect him to reach this level so quickly. He has fantastic qualities but most importantly, he has a good self-determination about him. He is a winner and a good professional.I always thought he would do well.

We were disappointed to lose him but we understood at the time that his family desire was to go back to Barcelona. He looked at Ferdinand and Vidic and wanted to be in the first team immediately. I can understand why he wanted to go back to Barcelona. We wished him well at the time but we don't wish him well on Wednesday."

Anonymous said...

Don't wish him well on Wednesday? Is it some sort of threat against Pique? If so, we should take legal action against this, it should not be tolerated.

Socrates said...

Threat? You must be joking.

Anonymous said...

This guy must be the most stupid person to ever visit this board :D

OUCH *facepalm*

hieifcb said...

whoa thts nice from Cesc, hehe Londoners would have killed Pique xD
Pique will be great again, like always. We will defeat Man Utd.

barca4life said...

Piquenbauer, El AntiCristiano. Gerard Pique is going to be a Barcelona legend. He is one of those special players that people will talk about long after he is finished playing football

FCBarca said...

So many aspects of this season that have exceeded expectations, Pique is certainly one of them.

I definitely see a Puyol like Captaincy in his future

JR said...

If Piqué is with this team for the long run, then there's nothing stopping him from becoming captain. Great player, great person and a great leader.

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