Friday, 22 May 2009

Barcelona-Manchester United (season 1983-1984)

Cup Winners Cup 1984 Quarter Final 1st Leg
FC Barcelona 2 Manchester United FC 0
Camp Nou, Barcelona
Referee: Vautrot

Urruti, Gerardo, Moratalla, Alexanco, Julio Alberto, Victor, Schuster, Rojo, Marcos, Maradona (Alonso), Carrasco (Clos)

Manchester United:
Bailey, Duxbury, Hogg, Moran, Albiston, Moses, Murhen, Robson, Wilkins, Staplenton, Hughes (Graham)

Carrasco, Rojo

Cup Winners Cup 1984 Quarter Final 2nd Leg
Manchester United FC 3 FC Barcelona 0
Old Trafford, Manchester
Referee: Paola Casarin

Manchester United:
Bailey, Duxbury, Albiston, Wilkins, Moran, Hogg, Robson, Muhren, Stapleton, Whiteside, Moses

Urruti, Gerardo, Moratalla, Julio Alberto, Victor, Alexanco, Alonso, Schuster, Rojo, Maradona, Marcos

Robson (2), Stapleton


Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me who the respective coaches were at that time? Thnx

barca4life said...

It should be in the vid anony, Ron Atkinson and Cesar Menotti were the managers of Man Utd and Barcelona respectively

barcacanada said...

gotta love the style/fashion which were the, but what goes around comes around. and geez, that martin tyler is ancient!

wanted47 said...

looks like they wearing hotpants..especially maradona^^

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