Tuesday, 19 May 2009

B players happy with first team chance

The four Barcelona Atletic players who took part in Sunday's league game against Mallorca gave their impressions to journalists after the match.

Xavi Torres
"To make your debut in the Liga with the best team in the world is something incredible. It's the happiest day in my life. It's incredible. I just did what Guardiola taught me at Barça B last season."

"For the players of the second team, it's good that Guardiola is the coach, because he knows the youth teams. The shot of Arango was complicated, very close and I didn't have time to react."

"It's a unique feeling to make your debut with the first team. It's crazy."

"I think that Guardiola believes in me, but one has to keep on working. Plying those kind of games with the first team is a great motivation. Let's see if pep calls us up agin next week."


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Xavi Torres is a nice person, but he is slow as a turtle, he won't make it.

Zeli said...

Do you think Yaya is faster?It's not the main reason for this position, I think...But his future doesn't look so bright...His's 22 and Barca's got Yaya and Busquets for this position. I can't believe that he will be with Barca for a long time..Anyway, good luck to all young guys. I' sure everyone'd like to be on their spot)

Anonymous said...

Yaya is fast almost as a horse.

barca4life said...

Xavi Torres is rummoured to be leaving at the end of this season. He didnt look too bad but with yaya keita busquets xavi iniesta and thiago all ahead of him in the pecking order its difficult to see him staying

R10FCB said...

thiago looks like an awesome prospect for the future, i hope he has a great future with the club. any reason why gai didnt play this game?

sashi said...

who said Yaya is slow? u must be crazy man! and yeah i guess X.Torres would leave at the end of the season as he wouldn't wanna be in the 2nd team forever. his future at Barca isn't tat bright!

Anonymous said...

Gai did not play because he is still awaiting spanish citizenship. Barcelona can only have three non european players on the first team. He will receive his papers very soon and I am sure he will make some first team appearances next season.

R10FCB said...

ok thanks for clearing that up.

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