Thursday, 19 March 2009

Atletico B goalkeeper De Gea sounded out

Madrid sports tabloid As claims that Barcelona is interested in Atlético Madrid B goalkeeper and Spanish youth international David De Gea (18) (read more here).

Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristan has excellent scouting reports about the player and the club would have sounded out De Gea for the first time a few days ago.

Barcelona has let him know that they are looking for a young player who can act as second goalkeeper next season and asked the player for his situation. Arsenal would also be interested in the player.

De Gea, who signed last year his first professional contract that links him to Atlético Madrid until 2011, prefers to continue at his club although this could change if he wouldn't be promoted to second goalkeeper next season and if the club signs another young goalkeeper.

Atlético Madrid would want to sign a new goalkeeper in the summer, with Real Valladolid goalkeeper and Spanish youth international Sergio Asenjo (19) being the main target. Barcelona is also interested in Asenjo (read more here) but the player prefers to move to a club where he can be first goalkeeper and Barcelona's interest would have dimished after Asenjo suffered a serious injury earlier this season.

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Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say that do all these transfer rumours: zlatan, villa, ribery, asenjo etc... really help our team at the moment? we are in the difficult stages of our season gunning for the treble and all i here are transfer speculations from SPORT and elmundo. i doubt these rumours help henry and eto'o stay focused wondering where their futures lie. and is it me or does barca have the most transfer speculation? we are in first place and playing well and all everyone wants to do is talk about next season, what about this season? inter or manu dont get these transfer rumours, why us? i get excited about next season too but cant it wait for the summer?

groga said...

It's the way it works (it's the same with other clubs and leagues, by the way). If you don't want to hear or read it until the summer, switch of interenet, radio and television for the next months... ;)

skanjos said...

i watched the kid in a tournament with spain u17 (bojan in squad).he is a good keeper,but we already have oier as a young promising keeper.also with the price of asenjo (steal) why bother ?offcourse i would love if we have asenjo-oier-de gea and valdes-pinto-jorquera out but that wont happen.

Anonymous said...

Lucho has trashed Oier from his first ay as Barca Athletic coach!
He believes in Mino and left Oier no chance!

Ramen said...

From what I've seen, Miño is better than Oier.

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